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OMNOMNOMing Log with ProNom 23 Vanilla Cupcake Batter

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    Lazy Man's Pronom VCB Crepes

    1 cup Almond Milk
    2-3 Scoops Pronom
    2 egg whites
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp Stevia sweetener

    1. Shake/Mix batter and set in the fridge for about an hour to cool off and thicken
    2. Set stove to medium heat and spray with cooking spray
    3. Lightly pour mixture and tilt pan to spread around thin
    4. Cook for about 1 minute and flip
    5. Fold crepe and add any fruit toppings you like.


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      Workout: Chest/Tri/Abs

      Great workout today. Bumped up weights across the board and look forward to add more reps in the next week. So I've been waiting on my order of Xantham Gum and the packaged finally arrived today. Looks like I dun goofed and forgot to order it. FML. No worries though as I can still make the treat w/out it. Pictures should be up tomorrow night. Used up the last of the VCB and saved a scoop for one last savoring drink. Included the CCB in the treat as well. I drank a scoop of CCB with 8oz of water and OH MAN that's some rich chocolate cake! It kinda tastes like YooHoo which was my favorite child hood drink. I'll put in a thorough review after the last post tomorrow so I won't have to reiterate much.


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        Pronom Neapolitan Ice Cream

        2 Scoops Pronom VCB & CCB
        1/2 c Almond Milk for each flavor
        1/4 c Walnuts
        4 Strawberries
        1/2 banana

        1. Shake/Mix 2 scoops of protein powder with 1/2 c of Almond Milk
        2. Store in freezer for a couple hours

        Strawberry Banana VCB Ice Cream
        1. Blend 2 scoops of VCB with 1/2 banana and 4 strawberries with 1/2c-1c of milk.
        2. Store in freezer for a couple hours

        No sweetener was actually used as Pronom is already sweet enough. Surprisingly, my favorite was the CCB. Though I'm not much of a chocolate fan, CCB's flavor is pretty rich and tastey. I think the Xanthan Gum would have made the ice cream thicker w/out having to use an ice cream maker. Though I assume you can put in an extra scoop of protein powder. Thanks CL for the opportunity! Will put out a review soon.


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          Controlled labs - ProNom 23 VCB/CCB Post Log Review

          CL finally got into protein market and they came out with a hit. Some weren't too excited about it, but it was pretty much the only product that they don't have. Coming out with flavors like Vanilla Cupcake Batter and Chocolate Cupcake Batter, they really niched themselves amongst the top tasting protein powder brands. Being a 4lb tub, you begin to weigh your options as is this product worth getting over a 5lb tub for a few bucks more. Though after tasting both flavors you'll surely know that it's worth it.

          Unfortunately the labels do not count towards their UPC promo due to the product not making enough profit. Which tells me they have provided a quality product and did not sell consumers short by keeping costs low.

          Profile -
          140 calories 23p/4c/4f
          6 protein blend

          Smell 10/10 - Not a whole lot of brands have a strong smell. Upon opening the tub you're greeted with a strong scent of a cake mix smell. Per my initial first experience review, I swore I opened a box of vanilla cake mix. Where most Protein powders lack any type of smell, CL's VCB smells like the real thing. One thing comes to mind...Quality. Either that or there's real cake mix in the tub. The smell of CCB is just as good. Smells like a fresh canister of Nestle Quik Mix or even brownie mix. I'm not a chocolate fan, but the stuff smells great.

          Mixibility 9/10 - Used 1 scoop with about 6oz-8oz of water or almond milk with a blender bottle. With minimal shakes there was no clumps at all. No dry residue no nada.

          Taste 10/10- Per my initial review: Is there really cake mix in this thing? Seriously. Not to sound like too much of a fan, but CL nailed it with a vanilla batter flavor. It was a bit sweet considering I only used about 6oz of water, but nonetheless it tasted exactly like a vanilla cupcake batter. The taste is very rich and sweet. Considering I'm not much of a chocolate fan, CCB tasted delicious like a better version of Yoohoo or Nestle Quik mix. With almond milk, it tastes a bit more like chocolate cake. Both flavors are pretty sweet. I was able to make various desserts and treats w/ barely using any sweeteners because the flavors were so rich.

          Price 8.5/10 - At first glance at 47.99 for a 4lb tub, you may lean towards a 5lb tub for almost the same price if you look hard enough. However there are other means of getting it cheaper. So it's definitely worth the pick up when a sale comes up. The taste alone justifies getting it.

          Overall I would buy this product again. The taste of VCB alone is unique and phenomenally delicious. The fact that you can use it as a base to make your favorite desserts or treats and don't need sweetener says alot about the flavor. Thanks CL for letting me log/try this product!


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            Great LOG!!!! donuts!!! ice cream