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    Day 37 OFF



    Qauds and Hams are absolutely smashed today. Very excited for Christmas Break, can't frekin wait.

    Today I added Dymatize Z-force, 4 caps 20 minutes before my last meal. I highly recommend this stuff, one of the best prodcuts <$10 and the best ZMA formula.
    "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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      Day 38 Shock Chest WO

      Shock Chest WO

      Bench 95 x10, x8 , x6
      SS W/ WG Bench 95 x8, x7, x10
      Didn't really like this SS

      Cross Curls 25 x12, x12, x12
      SS W/ BB Curls 55 x8, x6*, x3*, Partials
      Extremely Pumped at this Point

      CG Bench 65 x12, x10, 85 x10*
      SS W/ DB Tri-Over Head 25 x10, x12, 30 x10*

      Incline DB 25 x11*, x10*


      Smashed myself with this WO. However, my Tris never seem to get pumped they just fail and are sore as sin the next day.
      "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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        Day 39 Shock Back WO

        Shock Back WO

        Rack Pulls 115 x12, x12, 135 x8, x4
        SS W/ Db Full SLDL 25 x12, 30 x12

        DB Hammer Rows 30 x16, x12

        BB SLDL 65 x10, x12, x9

        Lat Pulldown (Varying Grips) 84 x12, 72 x12, 72 x12, x5
        SS W/ BB Rows 65 x14, 85 x12*, x12*


        Sleep is much improved with Z-Force thats fer sure. Today is my last day of Hyper-H then its back to XF. This should be interesting as I'm starting to think the Hyper-H isnt at the same quality or even the same thing as XF. Soreness is still a factor but I've been killing myself with partials and such recently. However, they just dont seem to measure up. DNA seems to imporve strenght more than anything libido maybe slightly and pump slightly.
        "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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          Day 40 OFF



          I havn't really had a chance to update in a while so this is all back-logging from before Chritmas.

          At this point I was just starting to come down with a nasty sore throat/head cold, not fun when flying. Last day of class. I cant freakin wait to get home for the holidays.
          "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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            Day 41 Rep Range Leg WO

            RR Leg WO

            BB Squats 135 x8, x8, x6
            Strength was down, likely because I was sick and WO any ways

            Leg Ext. 120 x10 144 x4, 156 x9, x9*

            BB Calf Raises 135 x10, x11, x12*, x12*

            BB RDL 115 x10*, x10*, x5

            Leg Curls 108 x8, 120 x8, x7*


            For being sick (Sore Throat/Flushed/Hot) this was a pretty good WO. Squats suffered, but everything else was up. Spent the whole day just trying to feel better and clean up get ready to go home.

            Mega Dosing Vit C: 6+ grams ED and Lots of Glutamine.
            "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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              Day 42 RR Shoulder WO

              RR Shoulder WO

              (Everything Done W/DBs)

              Shoulder Press 35 x8, x7

              Shrugs 40 x10, x10, x10

              Hammer Grip Shoulder Press W/Cross 30 x7/7 W/O x3

              Uni-Lateral Hammer Grip Shoulde Press 30 x10/10, x10/10, x8/8 (W/4 Together)

              Upright Rows 20 x12, x12

              Lateral Raises 20 x10*, x10*, x6*

              Shrugs F/B 20 x20, x20


              Was planning on taking a day OFF, as I was still feeling fairly sick, but could sleep at all and decided to just get up and WO. Spent over 9 hours in Airports/On Planes, and didn't get to bed til' almost 2 in the morning (3 in Eastern Time). In retrospect this was not the best decision on my part but I had to catch up with old freinds. Needless to say the next day I was feeling much worse...
              "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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                Day 43 OFF



                Woke up late, went to bed early, felt like crap. Not a great Christmas Eve. Sore Throat is now more a Sinus thing and my head is pounding a lot of the time.

                O, and today was the first day that I kicked the XF up to 1250 mg ED. 1 W/ Breakfast, Lunch, and Last Meal and 2 PreWO. Or spread out evenly on OFF days.
                "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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                  Day 44 RR Back WO

                  RR Back WO

                  (All done W/DBs)

                  Hammer Rows 30 x8, x8, x10

                  SLDL 30 x16, x16, 35 x10, x10
                  (Worked on form and played around with different Variations a lot)

                  Lat Bends 30 x8/8, x9/10, x10/10

                  Rev Grip Rows 30 x8, x8, x8

                  Ab Work


                  Still felt under the weather but getting better, mostly in my Sinuses now. I worked on form a lot with DL variations today. Came to the conclusion that SLDLs can be for Back or Hams/Gluts depending and what is targeted, and that RDLs are much better Barefoot.

                  Got some good stuff for Christmas, most notablely a DB Rack and Scale rated to .01 g. Also more Xtend, Eco Green, Substance, and Green MAG (much prefered over GB).

                  If anyone could help me out with what OTC meds are fine with XF that would be great? (I know advil and aleve are out, what about Tylonel?)
                  "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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                    Day 45 OFF (Not By Choice)



                    I feel like hell. My sore throat and head cold has now turned into an Achy, Hot/Cold spells, Sinus Thing. Not pretty. Very little energy or drive.

                    Went out and picked up some after Chistmas Deals and looked at new equipment.

                    "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney


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                      Day 46 RR Chest WO

                      RR Chest WO

                      All With DBs

                      Flat Bench 40 x10, x10, x10*

                      Flys 25 x12, x12, 30 x8

                      Hammer Bench 30 x8, 35 x8, x10, x10

                      Hammer Curls 25 x8, x8, x4

                      Tri Ext. 30 x8, x6, 25 x6

                      Zottmans 15 x10, x10
                      Rev Curls 15 x8, x8


                      Surprisingly good WO considering I haven't been able to sleep well and woke up with a 101+ fever. Stength was there but still no energy or endurance.

                      Later in the day I got extremely chilled and achey. Whatever i have its absolutley draining me. Recovery is all but gone and feel like hell.
                      "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney