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X-Factor @ Alternative Dosing, Green Bulge, Restore, USP Labs DNA Log

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  • X-Factor @ Alternative Dosing, Green Bulge, Restore, USP Labs DNA Log

    This will be my first log, but I think it should be a pretty good one with the stack I got lined up. After spending all summer figuring out what I was doing and what works/doesn't work, I finally have my everything pretty well down. While trainining correctly and not Overreaching all the time is my weakness this log should address this problem...


    Age: 18

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 175 (I don't have a scale in my dorm but will get an exact weight when I can)

    BF: 14% (Just a guess, I'll get picture up as soon as I can)

    Body Type: Meso/Endo

    Goal: I'm not really bulking (as don't really believe it is benficial until one nears their nature potential) but I am ceratinly trying to gain LBM. The goal of this log is to really see how I can improve my lifting and routine if journal my numbers and keep track of what i'm doing, and to test out a new dosing and a new supplement all together.



    Weeks 1-3 = 750 mg
    Weeks 4-6 = 1000 mg
    Weeks 7-9 = 1250 mg

    This will be my second time with XF. This time I have 2 bottles of XF and 1 bottle of Hyper H (same as XF in that AA as the only ingredient), and will be trying a different dosing protocal. And comparing to my original experiance with the normal 1000 mg ED dosing.


    3 Caps Per Day

    I'm currently about 1 week into my bottle of restore and so far I'm fairly impressed. Theres a good chance I will be getting another bottle to run it for 60 days.

    Green Bulge

    5 Caps 30-45 minutes PreWO

    I was planning on getting anothe tub of Green MAG, but then the CL broken cap sale came along and well... I can't pass up a deal.

    Now for the good stuff...


    This one is going to take some explaining...

    I picked this up a while ago when USP was having a massive clearance. It was never sold publicly and was a fairly small batch to my understanding. The only info I have on it was the limited write up that was on the site when I purchased it. Here is about all I could find.

    Originally posted by Dr.Dave1
    DNA - Dodder seed, 95% avenosides, Nettle root
    --The concept behind the product is increased LH. Nettle to bind to the SHGB receptor and Avenosides to lower SHGB content. SHould be an amazing product that will never hit the market unless another company attempts it. No cheap to manufacture and Avenosides lack research but anecdotal feedback is good on Avena sativa which contains about 3-10mgs of avenosides. THis product contains 50mgs of avenosides. A concentration never seen before in sports and fitness market! Should be special! To the lucky owners of this product, Please post your feedback! A very limited stock...
    Day 28-62

    2 cap 3 times daily 10 min before meals

    This seems like strange dosing protocal, but its what was recommended by USP at the time of purchase. I have 2 bottles and will be running them back to back starting on the 4th week. Between this and the XF with a twist on the dosing, I'm excited to see how this works out.

    Other Supplements

    2 Servings Now EcoGreen (4 Vcaps = 2 tabs)
    4-5 g Vit C Total
    4 Calcium Citrate
    4 Saw Palmetto 450 mg each (Had around so I started taking with the Restore)

    2.5-4 scoops Excell (depending on intensity/volume)
    10 g Glutamine Peptides
    1 g Vit C
    1-2 Camphibolic Intense 20-30 min Pre (similar to the orignal but with Velvet Bean Extract and some added kick for PreWO, picked up 2 bottle at the same time as the DNA)

    There is also a good chance I'll pull out the 3rd of three tubs of NO Shotgun I have been saving/waiting to use. I love that stuff but it's damn expensive.

    30-40 g WPH High Grade
    40-50 g Dext/Malto (Depending on Intsity/Muscle Group worked)

    Split into 2 shakes, the first one taken during the last few sets/cool down. the second 10-15 minutes after finsihing the first. This one of the most important changes I ever made to my routine, to simply tpaer my PWO shake instead of just gulping it down in one hit.

    With the First Shake:
    10 g Leucine
    5 g Creatine Mono.

    With the Second:
    600 mg Chromium Picolinate
    3 Primaforce NO Oxidant
    10 g Gluta Peptides
    1 g Vit c

    Melatonin 5-10 mg (when I'm to hyped to sleep)
    Synergy EC (If I need a boost)
    Pinnalce BoozEaze (goes along with the EC, I am in College... and from Wisconsin, so drinking does happen every once and a while )


    I learned early on that bulking is diffenently not for me, as I put on fat way to fast. I've been doing a carb cycling diet since early July and so far it is working very well, recently I started to incorporate Carb Timing into my diet and the resluts have been outstanding.For the duration of this log I will be continuing my carb cycling/timing diet. I will be upping my cal a little bit to try to increase LBM gain while still keeping fat gain minimal or even reducing BF.

    High = 320/300/60
    Low = 320/200/80
    No = 320/50/110


    I'll be starting a new training routine for this log, which I'm equally as interested in the results of as I am the new supplements. I recently became very interested in the P/RR/S training principles, created by Eric Broser, after first reading about them in Des' MAN log. Since then I've been playing around with some of the ideas and cycling my workouts. For right now I'n going to be focusing on the Power and Rep Range weeks and not doing Shock week. I will be throwing a few Shock days in along the way as well as doing some Supersets and Partials after I get the new routine work though.

    For Power week I will focus on the main compound lifts doing a 4 day split.

    Day 1 OFF
    Day 2 Squat
    Day 3 Shoulder/Military
    Day 4 OFF
    Day 5 OFF (Might get removed)
    Day 6 Deads/Rows
    Day 7 Bench

    For Rep Range I will be doing a lot more variations and isolation lifts and focusing almost exclusivly on hit the target muscle and using perfect form.

    Day 1 OFF
    Day 2 Legs/Abs
    Day 3 Shoulders/Traps
    Day 4 Arms/Grip
    Day 5 OFF
    Day 6 Back/Lats/Abs
    Day 7 Chest/Arms/Grip

    Power week will be in the 5-7 rep range with 3-4 sets per exercise and RR week will be a lot more sparatic with ranges from 8-20. I will be deviating from the principle in the fact that I wont be doing Shock week and instead incorporating Shock Days and the occassional shock in my routine, also on Power week I will be finishing each WO with 2-3 sets of high rep range body weight only exercises. Taking an extra day off during power week should help me from overreaching to far and the nature of cycling rep range and volume should help me a lot.
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    I'm assuming that since I am logging a CL product (GB) this is the correct place for this log. In fact, this is actually going to be a duplicate of the log i'm running over at BB, but since I got the GB from you guys, broken cap dsale baby!, I might as well put a copy up over here (plus it's a hella lot easier to format over there)
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      Day 1: Power Leg WO


      Decline Seat Ups 12, 12, 10

      Seated Calf Raise 70 x7, x9, 80 x8

      BB Squats 135 x7, 155 x6, 155 x6

      RDL See Below

      Calf Raises (Machine) 175 x7, x7, 195 x 6 (Partials and hold)

      Extension 150 x6, 165 x7, 165 x7 (Partials and Hold)

      Swiss Ball Crunches


      Each of my Power WO will be focused on one of the main lifts: Squats, Deads, Bench, (this is kinda the expection) Shoulders. Todays WO was amazing, my squats have been suffering lately and I finally figured out why. I was forcing my form to be ideal instead of focusing on what is right for me. After taking a wider stance and turning my feet out, like i should have been doing all along, I not only set a new PR but was able to get all the way down to almost Rock Bottom. RDLs, on the other hand were a ompletely different story, for some reason can do them perfectly and really feel them in my Glutes/Ham when i do Body Weigh, but as soon as I add weight my form goes to hell and I can only feel them in my Lower Back. However, I'm set on getting my form down and learning this exercise , so next time I will prbably just startout with DB's and see if i cant get it to work. Overall I set a good number of PRs (as expected) and was really just seeing what numbers I can put up.


      XF: 1 cap after Breakfast/ 1 cap after PWO meal/ 1 cap after Prebed Meal

      Restore: 1 Cap after Breakfast/1 cap after PWO meal 1 cap after Prebed Meal

      GB: 5 caps 30 min after Breakfast

      Wow, is all I can say. I didn't real like I could lift more or was more pumped but when I actually went to lift my strenght was phenominal. Come to think of it this is the same way Green MAG affected me, I jusy forgot how damn good the stuff is!

      On the same note, is 30 minutes after a meal a long enough amount of time to wait before taking GB? As I like to lift about 60-75 minutes after Breakfast.


      It may seems strange that my strenght is up on the first day of GB, could just be me. Another strange thing, about half way through my PWO meal (1 cup Oats, 1/3 Cup Oat Bran, 45 g WPC) I got a very intense pump feeling (I'm talking Full body here), and this has never happened before. Well only time will tell but I'm damn glad I picked up GB during the Cap Sale as i wouldn't have bought it otherwise.
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        Dosing of XF and Restore is going to be the same from day to day (Until otherwise noted).

        X-Factor & Restore @ 1 Cap After Breakfast(PreWO)/PWO Meal(Meal 2 or 3 for OFF Days)/PreBed

        Green Bulge @ 5 Caps 30 minutes after Breakfast and 30-45 mintues PreWO

        However, I'm going to be experimenting with the timing of GB so this one may change.

        WO Nutrition

        During WO

        3 Servings Excell
        10 g Glutamine Peptides
        1 g Vit C
        Mixed in a Gallon Jug


        30-35 g of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein High Grade
        35-50 g Dext/Malto (Depending on Muscle Group/Volume)

        During End of WO:
        Half of PWO Shake
        10 g Leucine
        5 g Creatine Mono

        10 Min After Finishing:
        (Sipped for 20-30 minutes)
        Half PWO Shake
        10 g Glutamine Peptides
        1 g Vit C

        3 Primaforce NOxidants
        600 mg Chromium Picolinate

        So far this has been working well, Excell seems to help for Endurance and Strength and I can see why so many swear by it. I'm constantly playing around with my PWO stuff to see what works best, this is my current routine followed by a Meal of Oats, Whey, and an Apple. Then usually only PRO+Fat with veggies for the rest of my meals on Moderate Carb days.
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          Day 2 Power Shoulders WO


          (All Exercises Done with DBs and Excluding Warmups)

          Shoulder Press 40 x6, 45 x4, 40 x5 #

          Forward Shrugs 50 x7, x7 #

          Military Press 40 x6, x5, 35 x4 (Failure)
          Shouldn't have pushed myself this hard

          Backward Shrugs 50 x7, x6 #

          Upright Rows 30 x6, x6

          Rev Wrist Curls 30 x8, 35 x8, 40x7, 40 x8

          Cooldown: Spinners, Pushups, Light Military, Grippers


          I should probably explain that # in my training indicates partials, by choice or as result of failing to get the desired nuumber of reps. Also, my cooldown includes light form work and stretching as well as grippers. During cooldown I consume the first half of my PWO shake. I can wait for my Ironmind grippers and books to come, those little Wlamart grippers really dont do much.

          Today I took my GB 45 min after Breakfast and 20 min before my WO, I think next time I will probably dose it closer to Breakfast and farther from my WO.

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            what is the difference between hyper H and x factor? have you run both before?
            also when was the broken cap sale?!?!
            i didnt get the memo i guess


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              Originally posted by warbird00
              what is the difference between hyper H and x factor? have you run both before?
              also when was the broken cap sale?!?!
              i didnt get the memo i guess
              There is no difference except Hyper H is 200m g per cap of AA and XF is 250 mg. Plus Hyper H may have been produced without license (IE Illegally). To run a proper cycle one will need 2 bottles of XF, infact this is the norm. I'm just trying something different.

              Yah, this is my second cycle...
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                Originally posted by retro_roots
                There is no difference except Hyper H is 200m g per cap of AA and XF is 250 mg. Plus Hyper H may have been produced without license (IE Illegally). To run a proper cycle one will need 2 bottles of XF, infact this is the norm. I'm just trying something different.

                Yah, this is my second cycle...
                just did the math and its EXACTLY the same price per gram for Hyper H and X factor
                i was hoping Hyper H was cheaper...
                did Hyper H give you the same results as X factor?? (their exactly the same but still gonna ask)


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                  I think you can find H for cheaper than XF is you look around (not much cheaper). I dont know about the results of HH yet as I have only used XF in the past, 2 bottles dose at 1 g ED for 50 days.
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                    Day 3 OFF

                    Ab Work/Light Stretching


                    NO Carb Day: Less than 50 grams with the only carbs coming from Veggies and Cottage Cheese. Damn, the schools cafertrai has been HOT this week...

                    Yesterday= Lunch was Roast Lamg and Braised Cabbage & Dinner was A Full Thanksgiving Meal + Curry Chicken (Toxic Yellow and "Taste like India") But I liked it.

                    Today= Lunch Grilled Chicken Breasts & Dinner Steaks Grilled to Order and Steamed/Suated Brocolli

                    Finally, cafertria food worth the price I'm paying for the damn meal plan.

                    Goal Macros

                    No Carb = 10/50/40 Ratio
                    67/350/120 Grams
                    Total Cals 2700
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                      DAy 4: Power Back WO

                      Power Back WO

                      Deads 135 x?
                      I gotta change these up, I end up using my legs far to much and barly hitting my back. Next week this will be Rack Pulls or DB Deads.

                      DB Bent Rows 35 x7,7,7

                      Semi-SLDS 65 x6, 85 x7,7,5
                      During RR week I will be doing Semi-Stiff and SLDL for full rnage of motion.

                      Lateral Bends 35 x7/7, 40 x 7/7

                      Cooldown: Lat Pull Down and Extension


                      Back day is by far my weakest day and I seriously need to work on getting my lats to fire instead of just frying my arms and middle back. RR week should be good chance to get this going and hit my back very hard.

                      Recently I've been considering the value of PWO carbs and such and starting tomorrow I will be trying a NO carb approach to PWO.
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                        Day 5: Power Chest WO

                        Power Chest WO

                        DB Bench 50 x7,7,7
                        Done flat on the floor, with a extra wide "grip"

                        Hammer Grip DB Bench 50 x6,6,7
                        Same idea as above, except with arms as close to chest as possible.

                        Cross Curls 30 x6/6, 35 x5/4*

                        DB Over Head Extensions 35 x6, 37.5 x6, 4*

                        Hammer Curls 35 x5, 30 x6

                        Flat Flyes 30x6, 35x6,7

                        Zottman Curls 20 x6,6,7

                        Grip Work
                        Damn it still waiting for my IronMinds.

                        Wrist Curls 35 x8 40x8

                        CoolDown: Push-ups


                        Today was the first day in over 5 months that I worked out without PWO carbs. I'm trying out a new protocal (Think Cut Diet) with only AA and WPH during and after and then a meal of Oats+Whey around 30 mintues later.

                        New Protocal:

                        WO (60 min after Breakfast): 3-4 Servings Excell+10 g Glutamine Pepetides+20 g WPH High Grade+Vit C

                        PWO: 30 g WPH High Grade+10 g Leucine+10 g Glutamine Peptides+5 g Creatine+Vit C

                        30 min:40 g WPC+60 g Carbs from Oats

                        90 min: Pro+Fat Meal

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                          gluck man.. ill be starting my log up soon too and hopefully it will included some CL products as they have done me well before

                          GG that is
                          Current LOGS


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                            I'm interested in the DNA ... it seems to have been put on the backburner for YG ... any thoughts on this so far?


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                              Originally posted by RenegadeRows
                              I'm interested in the DNA ... it seems to have been put on the backburner for YG ... any thoughts on this so far?
                              I actually won't be starting DNA for a few more weeks but it looks to be avery promising product. Kinda, a Super ActivaTe. I'm excited though.
                              "Stimulate, don't Annihilate." - Lee Haney