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  • Controlled Labs stack/starting fresh

    Just got back into lifting/fitness. I am going to start fresh with a Controlled Labs stack. WF, GM, GG, PW, Golden Gains. Hope to start up a log here to help me concentrate on my goals. I have been taking these supplements for a few days and have no complaints about taste, hopefully I will start to see some results in the next few months. Honestly I was just browsing the web and saw the Controlled labs trainer(who is a beast), I am part Filipino myself so I was sort of drawn to these products/company. Looks like I made a good choice after reading all of the reviews on various lifting forums.

    First Impressions:
    Green Mag/Apple: Tastes great no complaints at all. Actually really enjoy drinking this one.
    White Flood/Fruit Punch: I don't really have time to taste this one as I always chug it pretty fast. No complaints though.
    Purple Wraath/Lemon: The taste is really good. Sipping on it through my workouts is really refreshing. No complaints.
    Golden Gains and Glycer Grow will be here Friday, excited to add those to the stack.
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    Glad to hear!

    Keep us updated on how you like the products

    Consider taking Progress pictures along the way, that way you can compare your body how you started to various points in your journey


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      I will definitely do that, just waiting for the last two parts of my stack to arrive and I will go ahead and start a log. Looking for any advice on some routines for someone starting back into lifting. Thanks again.


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        Workout #1

        Height: 5'8
        BF: ??

        -11:30 AM: Took My pre-workout/GM, WF(2scoops)
        -Took my PW with me to drink during workout.

        Was in a rush due to a couple of exams I had to take , so I just hit what was available. Looks like I did alright except for the calf machine was a little random. (struggle with ADD in the gym)


        Incline Barbell Press: 135-12, 185-8, 205-3
        Calf Raise Machine: 60-20, 60-20, 60-18 (not sure of what weight and how many reps to use for this)
        Standing Dumbell overhead press: 40-10, 40-8, 45-6
        Standing Dumbell Curl: 25-10, 30-8, 35-8
        Seated Shrugs: 140-15, 140-15, 140-12
        Standing Barbell curl: 80-8, 85-7, 90-6

        Notes: Felt really good today, have a cold but still got a great pump and nice sweat from the white flood. The first few servings of green mag jacked up my stomach, but I had no problems today. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment. I lifted pretty steady while in the military but never got too serious. Feel really optimistic but last time I started this it only took a few weeks for my back to go out on me (I have a messed up lower back from a military accident). GG and Golden Gains will be here tomorrow so I think I'll hit back and maybe some squats tomorrow?