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  • CM stimulant free stack review

    OT, BG, PW, OX fish oil

    I could not wait until supplements kick in and review their effectiveness so I decided to give my first impresion on my stack. This is the first time I am using CL supplements

    I am starting a lean & clean bulking phase, my main goal is to add quality mass slowly so fat can be kept to a minimum. Meal and workout plan are ready. Having these 2 in place I have decided to try Controlled labs supplements.
    I am looking for supplements that promote overall health and optimize my main body functions. At the same time I am looking for stamina and endurance during my workouts and recovery, so for my next session I will be fresh to lift heavy and with intensity.
    I choice stimulant free cause I train during the evening and it affects my sleeping and I get a bit anxious with stimulants in supplements.
    My stats
    Weight Training experience: about 2-3 years (before a lot of endurance and long distance sports)
    31 yrs old
    1,83 m
    72,5 kg
    BF= 12-13%

    General First impression for the stack (OT, BG, PW, OX fish oil):

    When I opened the box my first impression was that I am getting to few supplements for the amount of money I paid. ( I live in Finland, supplements are generally more expensive here in northern Europe) well later I thought that quality is better than quantity and actually most of my money is going to lots of real and healthy food which I think its the right thing.

    The containers looked very appealing and colorful. It seems that Controlled Labs have put a good effort in the appearance of the labels and containers. Also I noticed that all the supplements offer something extra when compared to other brands. All supplements seem to be of high quality. I also appreciate that CL has a good forum that helped me to select my stack and how to take it.

    Individual assessment for first serving:

    Orange Triad: Orange radioactive color looking tablets, excellent profile, good extra features for digestive and joint support, high bioavailability, I really liked the ingredients for example the mixed tocopherols & tocotrienols definitely this multivitamin stand out from the rest in the market.. Tablets were a bit too big but no problems swallowing. No after taste, no burps. 6 tablets a day seems to be high amount at first but when looking at the ingredients it seems reasonable size & amount to keep all these elements. All in all high quality multivitamin with everything I need and good extra support.

    Oxi Mega fish oil: this is more normal looking supplement, good profile and the amount of the fatty acids per capsule is good too. Good size capsule, I did not notice the citus flavour but the smell of the capsule was kind of a mixture of fish market and a hint of lemon. No burps, no fish after taste. All in all good fish oil supplement with good potency but honestly no real benefit from the citrus coating IMO.

    Blue Gene: based on the profile this supplement may help me in optimize my body functions, recover faster and joint & ligament support. If it can do this itīs a great profile. 5 tablets I think could be a little too much for 1 serving but I can live with that. No problems swallowing, no aftertaste, no stomach issues. So far so good. I did not notice any benefit from first serving, seems to start working after 1- 2 weeks.

    Purple Wraath purple lemonade: Excellent profile for an intra supplement, all I need. I like the container but probably it was too full of powder when opening and it was difficult to get the first serving without spilling powder all over the table, a bit bigger container will be more suitable for the 90 servings. The color is white silver kind and the smell was pleasant. I put 2 scoops and mix it with 700ml water, a bit difficult to mix at the beginning but no clumps after some shaking. Flavor is very good. Not as real lemonade but somehow like a lemon candy, the level of sweetness is just perfect. I enjoyed drinking it in my way to the gym and during my training; actually I wish I could have some more when this was finish. Too early to evaluate the benefits in training but seems promising I can feel it!

    I will post a new review when the supplements in these stack has kicked in, probably in 1-2 weeks.

    follow same review at
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    here, near to the polar circle, heading towards the long & cold winter ....but I got my CL stack: OT, BG, PW, OX

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    If you want to follow the part II of the review:
    here, near to the polar circle, heading towards the long & cold winter ....but I got my CL stack: OT, BG, PW, OX