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:::Orange OxiMega™::: Log & Review!

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  • :::Orange OxiMega™::: Log & Review!

    This is just a teaser for now
    I haven't received my package yet
    But when I do, check back here!
    I will post pics as well

    My current info:
    20 years old, 165 lbs, 5'8''
    5 days on, 2 off
    -Monday: Legs
    -Tuesday: Chest
    -Wednesday: Core
    -Thursday: Back
    -Friday: Shoulder/Bicep/Tricep/Forearm
    -Saturday: Generally an OFF day, but sometimes I add cardio and light core
    -Sunday: STRICT OFF day

    5-6 hrs of sleep each night (i struggle with insomnia)

    Current Supplementation:

    Orange Triad 3/3
    Blue Gene (pre)
    Green Mag (pre)
    ON Whey (post)
    andddd nowww ORANGE OXIMEGAAA!!!!! WOOO!!!!
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    Subbed, look forward to your log, I will be logging this too.

    I see you only sleep 5-6 hours a night, I am like that, have you ever tried a HGH releaser? like (HGH UP or Powerfull) my sleep is about 9 hours a night when I'm on a natural HGH product.


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      No ive never tried any. I might try just straight melatonin, or Animal PM soon and see if those help any.
      Ive tried valerian root + rose hip before and it didnt do anything.
      Reduction PM didnt help me fall asleep, but i slept deeper on it.
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        In for this !!


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          I just wish it would get here already! It's been over a week


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            It's here! Pics and info later today after my workout


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              THE STACK!

              New friends join the team

              Two fish found their way onto the counter...odd...

              It looks disgusting...taste test later lol
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       one said it'd be pretty.

                Disclaimer : The above post is my own PERSONAL OPINION and DOES NOT REPRESENT the official position of any company or entity. It DOES NOT constitute medical advice. CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility (no hormones produced in the facility / no cross contamination).


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                  Hah. Taste tests and post workout info comin later tonight


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                    Here's my initial feelings on the new stuff:

                    The fish oil is good, thick pills, easy to swallow, barely any fishy burps. Cant really taste much citrus in them, but they are much better than my GNC fish pills. Good job CL

                    As far as Oximega goes, it looks like poop, smells green and minty, and tastes pretty darn good! Tastes like mint really. Took it in about 8oz of water, downed it easily. Good product! Love the profile, and 60 servings per bottle is awesome!

                    Just took my first 5 pills of Blue Gene as well!

                    Gonna workout in a bit


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                      "Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for a friend" John 15:13


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                        WOW! Great workout!

                        BG 1 hr pre
                        WF/GM 30 min pre
                        Hit the gym!

                        Warmed up for about 10 minutes, felt good to go...and hit the weights.
                        Im too tired to type out my entire routine for tonight, but man...Im pretty sure that BG helped me push my way through it. It was awesome! Thanks CL!


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                          A more detailed review on the 2 new products...

                          Fish oil looks like, well, any fish oil. Nothing to really report here.
                          Now Greens, that stuff looks...gross, haha, but appearance doesnt mean much to me.

                          Fish oil smells like fish oil, with some citrus.
                          Greens smells minty! Which is a good change from the appearance of it...

                          Fish oil burps up like fish oil, but it's weak, which is great.
                          Greens taste minty fresh! Cant wait to try it in chocolate ON!

                          Fish oil is a bit different here, i can swallow 2 caps like nothing. Slides down good.
                          Greens mixes good in said amount of water, i tried shaking it and it foamed up, but stirring it solves that!

                          Best fish oil out there for sure!
                          I will be taking both of these products 365 days a year! a very good staple to any stack!


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                   this the end of the log?


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                              Sorry havent updated in forever. Not much to really update on though.
                              Oximega is a great product and im still only half way through my tub.

                              quit taking it solo though.
                              ive been mixing 1 scp with 2 scp of ON Choc Whey and its much better that way

                              I may try doing a scoop of it with Golden Gains but i like to save that for my Post-WO shake and i like to take OM upon waking