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My complete stack and review (GB / WB)

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  • My complete stack and review (GB / WB)

    Hey guys..I'm new around here so I hope this doesn't break any rules. If so please let me know.

    C Labs: GB
    C Labs: WB
    Animal Pak Multi vitamin
    ON: Gold standard 100% whey
    Fish/Flax seed oils
    Scivation Xtend

    Height 5'9 Weight 172 - Goal Gain muscle mass, and increase over all strength/agility for upcoming college baseball

    For one, Just wondering if there is anything (safe) I should add to increase performance.

    Review: GB been onn it about a month, gained 12 pounds...felt amazing while working out and after. Ran out and have been working out for a bout a week without it (just received new shipment) and can feel a negative impact...dont have as much energy and less apparent over all strength. A++

    WB: Starting Tommorow Cant wait for the supposed feeling it gives during work outs...hope its true!

    Scivation Xtend: AMAZING!!!! mix into water drink pre/during/post workout. Increases endurance, prevents mucle break down, promotes building muscle. I just mix it into a gallon of water, sip on the way to the gym, while at the gym, and on the way home.

    ON protein product I've ever taken...a lot of other people seem to feel the same way.

    Animal Pak, Start taking it tommorow, heard some good reviews.

    Fish/Flax helps with joints and to gain weight...Flax naturally boosts
    testoserone levels like .5%

    Side note. I have about a 75% full thing of GM and I cant STAND the taste...any body have any mixing secrets? Would it be ok to mix a scoop in with my gallon of water and XTEND while I work out? Or is this too much creatine for my body weight (172 lbs if I'm taking GB aswell?)

    Hope someone finds interest in this, any answers appreciated!

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    12 lbs in one month!?

    damn man must have lifted hardcore!
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    MY GB+WB Log:


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      I think the GB and ON whey protein REALLY helped. I have also been eating like max bench has also gone from 225 to 245 (think I can do more now) as well. Been drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day as well


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        With the GM, definately try mixing it with more water... it should taste GREAT.

        Welcome to the forum !


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          Great gains. I agree with Pt. Mix the GM with more water. With too little water, it will be a strong, tart taste. But with more water, it'll be very sweet and mild.

          I mix mine with Purple wraath, but since you dont have any of that, you should try mixing half a scoop of GM with a serving of Xtend. GM seems to compliment other preworkout mixes very will (sweet/tart combination)


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            I tried GMag mix with Punch (excell) .... I taste very very good..
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              sick gains bro
              keep it up
              you wont regret with WB, my shipment arrives tomorrow too, at least that what ups says


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                Thanks for the comments guys! Seems like a good community on these forums. Tried the WB today along with the Animal Pak Multivitamin and I felt GREAT....dunno if it was partly mental (cause I expected to feel better ) but whatever it was, it was different. So far im in love with Controlled Labs...gonna start mixing the GM in with my gallon of water during workout. I think I used to mix the scoop with like 16 ounces of water (maybe a little less) and I would gag while drinking it. Just wasn't a taste I can handle. Im sure this will work out though, thanks for the tips!


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                  sweet bro! good to have you along! yeah you will soon start the CL already hit me....
                  Green BULGE + White BLOOD

                  MY GB+WB Log: