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Gaining Muscle while losing fat

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  • Gaining Muscle while losing fat

    Originally posted by timberwolf View Post
    With the exception of the introduction of androgens, unless you've lost significant muscle mass in the past and in the midst of regaining or you're just beginning to weight train its very, very difficult. While doing so isn't outright impossible it is implausible.
    IMO your best bet with this goal in mind is to track your calories meticulously and consume just below your maintenance. By this I mean 100-200 calories within your maintenance whatever that may be.
    While attempting to eat very close to maintenance, what are some other strategies to promote muscle growth while losing fat. By this I mean carb cycling or timing a large portion of calories during my workout time.

    THank You

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    agree with kane above

    ganing muscle and losing fat are opposites in the way the body does each.. it would be like trying to increase your ability to slam dunk while getting purposefully getting shorter..

    train hard, eat clean, and in the long haul you will lean out while adding solid muscle mass