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  • cutting fat training/diet

    i need some help to work out my workout routine. im basically a beginner and know some of the basics. Im 18 this year and have a 19% body fat. weight 150lbs.

    Ive basically started a bit of a diet this month no junk food. low carbs, high protein, fruits. all in small portions. also drinking lots of water. im pretty much aiming to cut down some fat.

    for exercises:
    40lbs squats 10x15
    20 lbs dumbbell presses 4x15
    20 lbs dumbbell hammer curls 3x15
    20lbs dumbbell curls 3x15
    40lbs Standing dumbbell Calf Raise 2x15
    HeavyGripps Grippers 100lbs 3x20

    not getting much of cardio except for walking to school and back home.

    im also planning to buy the controlled labs reduction in a few days to speed up results.

    can i get some advice for my diet and workout routine. much appreciated


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    I walk to school and home a lot too, but I don't think we should be counting this as cardio. I mean, it is general aerobics which is slightly more stimulating than sitting at a desk or lying on the couch, but since we're not really increasing speed that rapidly it's not a HUGE kinda shift.

    I enjoy the treadmill at the gym, but to set it apart from just walking home, I always have to put the incline on max. You need an incline on those anyway just to equal normal walking since there's no air resistance to slow you down, it's bad to get the illusion you're going faster. Less chance of falling off too, and I think an incline makes it more of a 'muscle up' exercise rather than letting your tendon stretch propel you.


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      Why don't you run instead of walking on the treadmill?