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Pronom23 CCB Sample Review!!!

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  • Pronom23 CCB Sample Review!!!

    Thank you, Controlled Labs, for the sample pack! I requested the samples, and two days later they were in my mailbox. Awesome!

    I mixed the 1/2 serving size sample of Chocolate Cupcake Batter with 4oz of milk, using a blender bottle.

    When I first opened the packet, I noticed the smell of the powder. It smelled delicious! It smelled like a hot chocolate kind of smell. I dumped it into the blender bottle, closed the cap, and gave it a few shakes. Like the name, there were no clumps. The powder had completely dissolved/mixed perfectly, with no clumps or residue stuck to the bottle.

    My hand shook with anticipation as I raised the bottle to my lips. It tasted great. I've read other reviews, where it was compared to swiss miss. I say that's a fair description. To me, there was a milk chocolate taste, and it was glorious. As soon as this new job starts up, fingers crossed, I plan on buying a tub. I've never had a vanilla protein powder, but from reading reviews, it seems I may have to get my hands on that one too!

    5 out of 5 Stars!! Between the taste, mixability, profile, and trusted name (Controlled Labs), Pronom23 is something to definitely check out! Thanks Controlled Labs!

    I'll attach pics.

    According to RaginAzN, looks like I'm the first to review a sample over at Thanks for the fast shipping!
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