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  • Isaac First White Flood Cycle

    Well a little bit of me, I'm from Mexico 18 years old turning 19 on January and 2 years ago I was a fat kid and I decided to change that over the course of 2 months I lost 20 pounds and got addicted to the iron, but since I was new to the whole thing and the trainers at my Gym sucked I had to learn on my own and didn't really got much results and still have some Fat at my waist but I guess thats just because I'm Android Complexion because of my genes.

    Now I'm in college and moved to a new city, I found a gym and my new trainer has been winner of many bodybuilding contest here in Mexico so I feel I'm in good hands, for 2 months I have made some results I don't have the numbers I will post them on Wednesday when I go to the Nutritionist and get a Diet and my whole profile all along with plies and stuff.

    This is my first cycle with any NO and thru a lot of research I decided to go White Flood and got it in Tablets, thats the one I could get don't have many options here since I don't at the border any more.

    My first dose was Thursday to asses my tolerance So I just took 1 Tablet, next on Friday I took 2 at the morning, 2 at afternoon and 4 before workout, just because I was really tired and wanted the stimulants thru out the day.

    I got a stack for this month:
    MRI Pro Nos (I got this because my supplier ran out of Dymatize Elite)
    White Flood Tablets
    Animal Pak ( Got like 8 packs left tho :S)

    Friday Workout: Back
    Pull down on machine, 130 lbs 12 X 4 Sets Super set with pull ups 10X4
    Lateral Pull down on machine one arm alternate then both arms on same set: 90Lbs 12 X 4 Super Set with Seated Row on machine, wide grip 120lbs 12 X 4 and close grip 130 lbs 12 X 4
    One Arm DB Row on Bench 50 Lbs DB 12 X 4 Alternate Super Set with Machine Pullover 60Lbs 12 X 4.

    Friday I was Full of energy because of White Flood and got a nice pump on workout, plus I wasn't that tired after the workout and was that sore the next day.

    Today Monday I took 7 Tablets to compensate the 1 I took to asses tolerance just so my servings don't get uneven, 1 Animal Pak, my BCAA's and one 2 scoops Pro Nos with White Flood and one two scoop after workout.

    The Workout: Arms
    Alternate Curl 25 Lbs 12 X 6 Super Set with Both Arms Curl 20 Lbs DB 15X6
    Hammer Curl 20 Lbs 12 X 4 and 25 Lbs 12x2 Super Set with Machine Rope Curl 60Lbs 15x6
    Twenty ones with Olympic Bar 65 Lbs, 4 sets
    Over Head Extension 55 lbs 12x5 super set with machine pull downs 70 Lbs 15x5
    Machine Push Down 90 lbs 12x5 super set with overhead rope pulls 40lbs 20x5
    Inverted Grip Pulldowns 60lbs 12x4 super set with Rope Pull downs 40lbs 15x4

    Got a really nice pump and full of energy along the workout and after the workout as I'm writing this.
    As you can see its a beginner log and I'm just getting my self together after a lot of time of wrong training.
    Will post my update my log tomorrow. Good night.

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    Nice intro !! In for updates !


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      Thank you for your interest.
      Today was my third day on White flood, same stack, I got a really nice feel this day with WF and the pump was there I don't really know and please someone tell me, but the pumps and vascularity does get bigger with the time of taking NO right? any way I was full of energy and focus.

      The Workout: Chest
      Bench Press 90 Lbs+ Olympic bar (which is like 45 lbs I think) 15X8 Super set with incline Bench 70Lbs + Bar 12x8 I just required a spotter on the last reps on the last set.
      Pec Deck 110 Lbs 15x6 super set with flat bench DB Press with curl at top 30 Lbs DB 15x6
      Since it was higher sets I made less exercises for the muscle.
      And Ab Workout, just crunches, decline crunches, leg raises and alternate leg raises with bicycle crunches.

      I still have energy as of right now, and feel motivated for my tomorrow workout, only doubt was on the NO. Do the pumps and vascularity increases over time of use?
      And do you know a site where I can get CL products here in Mexico I just know one of my suppliers but they just have WF on Tablets.
      Thanks, see you tomorrow.


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        Alright so I went to the nutritionist today and got my profile and a diet.
        Here are my anthropometric results:
        Body Weight: 164.24 Lbs
        Waist: 33.85 inches
        Hip: 39.37 inches
        Arm Circumference: 12.40 Inches
        Bicep Plait: 0.157 inches
        Tricep Plait: 0.393 inches
        Sub scapular Plait: 0.551 inches
        Sub Iliac Plait: 0.590 inches
        Body Fat %: 20.

        So tomorrow I will be starting a solid dieting, so I hope only for best results.
        Today I took the same stak.

        The Workout: Shoulders and abs
        Rear Deltoid Pulley 15 lbs 12x6 tri set with Side Deltoid pulley 15lbs 12x6 and Side Raise 15 lbs DB 15x6.
        Military Press 35 lbs DB 15x5 super set with Rear Deltoid Machine 66lb 20x5
        Front Deltoid Raise with Plate: 25 lbs 15x4 super set with upright row with olympic bar 15x4
        Curling Trap Shrug 55 lbs DB 15x5 super set with upright row pulley 55 lbs 20x5

        And then some abs train.

        Pump was there just not as big, if anything today WF gave me endurance, strength and focus, plus a lot of energy.
        I think that drinking a lot of coffee and the occasional energy drink made me stimulant resistant, so I ask before doing, should I take 10 tablets instead of the 8 the bottle indicates?

        See you tomorrow.

        PD should I put images and stuff to make my log more dynamic and pleasant to the eyes?