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Purple Wraath & White Flood sample review

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  • Purple Wraath & White Flood sample review

    Just going to do a cut n paste from the BB forum, I'm tired

    Here ya go:

    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath & White Flood sample review


    OMG....enough said.

    Seriously, I actually wish I would've tried them seperately but this morning I used both within a half hour of each other starting at 4:45am. I can safely say I believe it was the PW that took a little longer than the stated 30 mins before it really kicked in.

    Overall performance, I was really impressed with White Flood. I seemed to have alot more stamina doing shoulders this morning, I felt stronger but it didn't really show weight wise. I think I would prefer the powder vs pills first thing in the morning. Thats just a personal preference though.

    1 sample isn't really enough to give a thorough review on so I'm going to try to get some of the guys around the shop to take their Gaspari blinders off and go in on a tub.

    What I'm REALLY impressed with and maybe it was from the combo is Purple Wraath. It took about an hour with me to kick in and it lasted most of the day. I haven't felt this motivated, focused and alert in some time. All without the jitters,nerves or upset stomach. The Grape Lemonade mixed up just fine and the taste was appealing from start to finish. I had a 14 hour day at work and was pretty busy most of it with alot of stair climbing and high rep-low weight lifting with no crash or slowing down till around 4pm. But I'm fading pretty fast as I type this now that I'm home. I will be placing an order for both products and also look forward to trying the Juicy Grape too.

    I haven't used Green Mag and REDuction, those reviews will be later.

    Nice job CL, those 2 products you sent are top notch.