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Wf,gm,pw and am/pm form log

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  • Wf,gm,pw and am/pm form log

    Logging for both yesterdays(friday)Legs routine.
    Took both WF and GM together 35 min. pre-workout,started out feeling energized 50 x 80lb leg ext.,then did 5x5 routine-leg press 5 sets 720 x 5 reps.I felt extremly strong and seemed to have more energy and fullness than normal.Also i used the Purple Wrath throughout the workout which seemed to add to my intensity level, conitnued my workout with hamstrings and calves.I can say most definitely that the controlled lab samples(wf,gm,pw)added not only energy but strength,pump and focus to my workout.In the late evening i used the PM formula and slept very well(7 hours deep)i normally sleep only 5 to 6.In the morning i used the AM formula and went to work(sat)I had alot more energy and focus,i definitely think the AM and PM formulas are responsible for the positive responses i experienced.Controlled labs products are without a doubt a very high quality addition to anyones supplemental program.