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Review of White Flood (sample pack)

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  • Review of White Flood (sample pack)

    Doesn?t apply, it was in pill form. The sample packet I received said to take 8 pills. Taking 8 pills a day on top of the other 9 pills I take makes me worry about my liver (which has been pummeled by my college drinking days?).

    The only other NO I?ve tried before was Nano Vapor and that worked well. Since I work out at 5am each day I would certainly notice Nano?s effect as it lifted me out of my ?just waking up? fog. White Flood didn?t have the instant ?on? that Nano did. Whereas Nano was something that once I took it, it would be working NOW (niacin flush included), I felt White Flood later while at the gym. Both were taken about 20 min prior to working out too.

    At the gym
    Any pre-workout supplement I take, I always try to forget I am taking it to hopefully cancel any placebo affect. Once my heart started beating rapidly like it wanted to do a Christmas jig on the squat rack, I realized White Flood was kicking in. The effect wasn?t unpleasant, but just very noticeable. With my heart skipping around in my ribcage I started to realize, my lifting was becoming way too easy. Squats are my nemesis in how it exhausts me and while on White Flood, it was a piece of cake. No exhaustion, my legs (although feeling pumped) didn?t have that ?potty flop? reaction. I went through 4 sets easily and without having to take a long break in-between. ?Do I have the weight right??, I thought. A quick calculation of the weights verified it, I am becoming a God.

    Moving onto the hip sled I knocked those out without a thought. Very focused, to a fine point. Since I have a wee bit of the ol? ADD, being focused is a double edged sword for me. For a while I was only focused on working out, the ease I am lifting weights, how pumped muscles are feeling, etc. Eventually I started to wander in my focus.

    Now, if you don?t have ADD, White Flood will keep you target. With ADD, your focus starts picking other topics to dwell on, in a fast forward style like: ?Man that girl shouldn?t be wearing that, why is that guy doing good mornings and squats at the same time? and ?If I leave in 20 minutes I can catch the 7am train butthenifIleavein10minIcancatch the6:40amtrainbut thenIwillgettoworktooearlybutthatmightbeagoodthing sincewehaveourchristmaspartytodayandIneedtocatchup onwork..? And on and on? Again, this could just be singular to me? Just a thought is all.

    I tore through my workout in almost half the time it normally takes me. Being careful not to overtrain I decided today was a good day. I was able to lift everything with ease, minimum exhaustion with a good pump in my legs.

    Now most of the reviews of White Flood I read online said that there is typically no ?crash? with White Flood. I can attest to that. With Nano Vapor, I would have the strangest reaction to its crash. On Nano, and after working out, I would start feeling depressed. Like mentally depressed and I am not a depressed sorta person? I would be standing in the shower at the gym all despondent and thinking I was a horrible father to my kids, horrible husband to my wife and why oh why haven?t I shown the effort to cut the grass, take out the trash, (insert whatever daily chore here). White Flood took my down gently. That was after it had its way with me first though. Since my workout was fast, I was still feeling White Flood and the drive to the morning train was an interesting one. All I remember is tailgating almost anyone in front of me, thinking ?why can?t they drive faster, faster, must go faster??

    Bottom line:
    I liked White Flood. The amount of pills I would have to take on a daily basis freak me out (8 pills in one shot). They do have a powder form but I read reviews of its taste as similar to something Jim Jones would hand you at a church picnic. The rush I felt with White Flood was certainly helpful in getting my workout done successfully and I can see it certainly helping me with my strength goals so I would certainly recommend it to my friends.