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asianbabe's acquisition of assSSssets with Sesaglow !

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    my gosh this stuff sounds like snorting crack!!! damn this stuff sounds dangerous... you can choke it, sniff it, shoot it!?!
    interesting methods guys, will give them a try! Might have to pinch my nose too!

    For the record, I gave PW a try this morning... couldn't resist the shiny new tub sitting in front of me!!


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      So it may be worthwhile to post my current supps:
      • Wakeup: 2x cAMP, 2x carnitine, calcium
      • BF/Pre-Workout ===> 1 multi
        -----workout---- ===> 4 scoops xtend (today I took 3scoops xtend, 1 scoop PW)
      • PWO - whey, dex, fruit
      • Meal 2
      • Meal 3 ===> 2 fishies
      • Meal 4 ===> 1 fishie + SesaGlow
      • Meal 5 ===> 2 fishie + SesaGlow
      • Pre-bed ===> 1 fishie + SesaGlow, 2 cAMP
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        Basic meal framework...
        • Pre-wo: oats/whey/fruit/yoghurt
        • Post-wo: dex/fruit/whey
        • Meal 2: oats/fruit/cottage cheese/nuts
        • Meal 3: protein/fruit/veggies/complex carb/fat
        • Meal 4: protein/fruit/veggies/complex carb/fat
        • Meal 5: protein/veggies/carb/fat
        • Bed: cottage cheese/fruit/nuts

        This is for a workout day - higher in carbs - shooting for 2000cals
        Cardio days - similar, but less carb portions - shooting for 1750-1800
        Off days - less carbs still; shooting for 1700ish

        Ratios: ~ 45c/35p/20f


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          4th day on SesaGLOW

          Tuesday 25th July 2006

          Workout AM:
          • b/b row 66 (up 11lbs!)
          • squats practice - wide stance, a2box.. just the bar today, 50reps or so
          • d/b reverse lunges 33* (completed all my reps today )
          • back extensions 22
          • cable pulldowns 132
          • bb curl 39 (more reps)
          • decline abs 11
          • d/b shoulder press 22* (up 4 lbs)
          • b/b bench press 66 (felt easier)
          • b/b skullcrushers 33

          Duration: 75min

          Cardio: None

          ================================================== ========


          Right... so welll shizzlemynizzle today's was a good workout!! So I don't really take that many supplements, but I have been xtend before and during my workouts. However, since my supplies are running low I order a batch of Purple Wraath, which I received yesterday......

          So instead of my usual 4 scoops xtend, I used 3 and added in 1 scoop of PW. All I can say is WOW. Taste was not great. But everything at the gym felt a heck of a lot easier today. Sheesh I felt heaps more energised and focused and was able to put a Lot more effort into my workout. I did feel like I was sweating more than usual, and I was really pumped for the workout. No kidding!

          So yeah, workout went well! Felt like I could have stayed there for longer, but had to rush back and go to uni!

          ================================================== ========


          Calories 2096
          Calories From Fat 473

          Total Fat 54g 140%
          Saturated Fat 12g 64%

          Total Carbohydrate 205g 104%
          Dietary Fiber 52g 131%
          Sugars 84g

          Protein 215g 140%
          Vitamin A 267% Vitamin C 964%
          Calcium 138% Iron 153%

          ================================================== ========

          Diet was not sooo great today. Not enough carbies, too much fat and protein... Note to self... Meals don't just fall from the sky and onto my plate...must be more prepared in the future >< Got my sesaGlow in though, I remembered to pack them in my bag

          Wanted to do some light cardio tonight, but was hella tired. Will endeavour to get some in tomorrow for sure. First day back.... and I already have homework

          Catchya'll later sexy dudes and chickas!

          ================================================== ========


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            Pu I am about 80% through with the xtend, if its not cool to use the PW thats fine, I'm waiting for my xcell to come through in the next few days anyway

            Holy shizzle JJ.. how dangerous is this stuff! Whoa, glad you are still alive after that commotion!!!

            Brownie, nah I'll be careful don't ya worry

            oh and Aries, what a little player boy you are!

            Well have a great day everybody, nuff post whoring for today, I am off to study


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              Glad you like the PW, I did PW and Xtend togehter for a while and then went to bulk BCAAs, have not tried Xcell yet.


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                Originally posted by asianbabe
                click if you dare

                now why would you do that. lol

                i think u like the attention


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                  Nice log. Gotta love a girl who knows how to workout. Keep up the good work!

                  Nice pics, btw.
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                    Great of luck!!! Nice pics too!
                    What typos?

                    Disclaimer: All flirtatious posts under the name of Booty are all in good humor and do not represent the official thoughts of the actual person behind the screen name.


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                      Wednesday 26th July 2006

                      Workout: None

                      Cardio: PM: 60min Combat - Lots of sweating here... the instructor was quite the good looking one, I worked extra hard

                      ================================================== ========


                      Calories 1845
                      Calories From Fat 432

                      Total Fat 49g 126%
                      Saturated Fat 12g 62%

                      Total Carbohydrate 162g 82%
                      Dietary Fiber 56g 14
                      Sugars 60g

                      Protein 200g 130%
                      Vitamin A 368% Vitamin C 945%
                      Calcium 132% Iron 158%

                      SesaGLOW Dosing 3 caps after meals 1, 3 and 6

                      ================================================== ========

                      After a good rest at work, I was really hyped up for cardio tonight, felt really restless! So just went to the class and thought of someone I didn't like and since it was combat, pretended it was that person I was hitting the whole time

                      The instructor made it so great because he is damn charismatic. I am trying to learn how he does it *gapes in awe*. I feel so inadequate looking at my own performance as an instructor >< but nevertheless it was fun!

                      Looking forward to lifting tomorrow morning!!

                      ================================================== ========

                      INITIAL SESAGLOW IMPRESSIONS: ok so its only been 5 days, what are my initial thoughts? Well I can already feel that my skin is getting more supple. Right now it is chilly winter, so my skin gets a good beating of wind as well as heavy air conditioning and heaters all day. But since taking SesaGLOW I have needed to use less moisturiser and my skin feels a lot less dry than it might normally be for a winter's day. Needless to say, I'm liking it

                      Can't think of any other major effects as yet... will keep you guys posted!

                      Thanks for keeping up everyone!!


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                        It makes cardio so much easier when you are excited to go do it. So did you kick the virtual person's butt?


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                          Originally posted by ddawg91
                          So did you kick the virtual person's butt?
                          I thought she likes teh virtual peoplez


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                            Haha yeah cardio can a lot of fun Much more so than an hour on a machine thats goes nowhere!


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                              6th Day on sesaglow

                              Thursday 27th July 2006

                              Workout AM:
                              • cable pulldowns 132
                              • cg bench 50
                              • leg extensions 154
                              • back extensions 22
                              • wide squat 66
                              • calf raises
                              • d/b flyes 22*
                              • decline abs 11*
                              • d/b incline chest 27.5*
                              • bb curl 39
                              • b/b rows 55

                              Duration: ~100min .. + cooldown and stretch = 2 hours

                              PM: Another combat class tonight

                              ================================================== ========


                              Long session today, mainly due to squats practice and also waiting around, and a bit of chatting >< I was pretty fatigued by the end of it. Class was cancelled today so I had plenty of time. Food intake is nice and high, sometimes I wonder if it may be too much. Yes the bulking fears still exist

                              ================================================== ========


                              Calories 1977
                              Calories From Fat 400

                              Total Fat 46g 118%
                              Saturated Fat 11g 54%

                              Total Carbohydrate 221g 112%
                              Dietary Fiber 50g 125%
                              Sugars 91g

                              Protein 187g 122%

                              Vitamin A 583% Vitamin C 2477%
                              Calcium 163% Iron 160%

                              SesaGLOW dosing: 3 caps total - meals 4 5 & 7.

                              ================================================== ========

                              Ps. No PW today. Really felt a difference.


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                                7th Day on SesaGLOW

                                Friday 28th July 2006

                                Workout None. Rest day.
                                ================================================== ========


                                I am sore from my head to my toes. 3 hours yesterday was not as as I thought. I'm tired.

                                ================================================== ========


                                Calories 1689
                                Calories From Fat 364

                                Total Fat 42g 107%
                                Saturated Fat 10g 50%

                                Total Carbohydrate 142g 72%
                                Dietary Fiber 47g 119%
                                Sugars 56g

                                Protein 199g 130%
                                Vitamin A 463% Vitamin C 966%
                                Calcium 135% Iron 173%

                                SesaGLOW dosing: 3 caps total - meals 2 3 4

                                ================================================== ========

                                Diet was frkn good today. Managed to eat all the right things and a boatload of veggies too