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  • bring sexy back ..ya acid gen2 log

    What is Red Acid GEN 2™ ?
    Red Acid GEN 2: Fat Incineration Matrix

    Red Acid GEN 2™ is the most advanced fat incineration matrix available today... so effective you can actually feel it working !! This unique formula is designed to enhance your metabolism, control your appetite and cravings, and keep you focused and energized all day long. Even with proper diet and cardio, many individuals will eventually experience problems losing fat at an "optimal" rate. As time goes on, your metabolism downregulates due to "survival mode", working against what you want to accomplish. Now we have the solution: Red Acid GEN 2™. Unlike other fat loss products, Red Acid GEN 2™ helps you to achieve fat loss via several different pathways to overcome your metabolism for optimal fatloss results:

    Key Attributes:

    * Thermogenic fatloss you can FEEL
    * Control Appetite and Cravings
    * Long Lasting Energy
    * Enhanced metabolism
    * Ephedra Free / Ephedrine Free
    * Body Fat Reduction via Lipolysis
    * Help Activate PPAR-alpha
    * Enhanced Blood Flow
    * Insulin Regulation
    * Yohimbe Free / Yohimbine Free
    * Designed to stack VERY well with SesaGlow™ and Blue UP™ (Stim Free)

    Red Acid GEN 2™ includes a special cacao extract, that serves as a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPAR-alpha) agonist and can help to modulate ghrelin levels, producing a hunger satisfaction and stimulating glycerol and fatty acid release from adipocytes throughout the body. To enhance this effect, we included herbal appetite suppressants that work via the brains central nervous system rather than the digestive tract to deliver a one-two punch to "knock out" hunger and cravings.

    With cravings and appetite under complete control, we took Red Acid GEN 2™ to the next level with powerful naturally occuring energizers, nootropics, and thermogenics like isobutyryl-thiamine disulfide, theobromine, hordenine, evodiamine, and vinpocetine. Forskolin stimulates cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and a synergistic blend of cayenne extract and raspberry ketones releases norepinephrine, which in turn increases lipolysis and results in the reduction of fat storage. The potent cayenne extract aids in delivery and absorption. Working together, these powerful compounds work to increase your metabolism, activity level, and focus all day long making Red Acid GEN 2™ one of the most powerful and effective fatloss products on the market.

    Let's face it, fatloss shouldn't be torture... with the Red Acid GEN 2™ formula, instead of constant hunger, low energy, and carb cravings, you can focus on cardio, the gym, and the other important things in your life !
    Owner of Fitness Paramount Personal Training

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    hello yall i am back again
    i havent done my measurements in a month or new pix so tonight i will take new pics and measure and weigh myself i will edit all that in prolly around 11pm
    height- 5'8

    big three prs
    bench 205*3
    squats 260*3
    deads 325*3

    diet- for the last month i have worked way more then normal and my diet has been out of whack but the past two days it has been roughly how i want it to be
    m1 . eat smart shake w/ 1%milk
    m2 oatmeal and protien source (eggs or deli meat )
    m3 roast beef and almonds
    m4 chicken veggies almonds
    m5 pwo shake / or bar
    m6 chicken and pasta or something similair
    m7. meat and healthy fat

    so i will limit my carb intake to twice a day and vary by results
    i am open to suggestions if anyone has any for diet
    fish oil
    green mag
    eat smart portein
    bulk luecine
    on whey
    red acid gen 2

    yesterday i opened my red acid for the first time and tried the intial dosing , about 20 mins later i had some stomach issues but today i didnt so it must be unrelated , yesterday i didnt really feel anything during my one pill for the day
    so my intial doseing day lets call that day 0 was just light cardio on the bike
    and i followed the listed diet to the "t"
    Owner of Fitness Paramount Personal Training


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      Great intro and will be following a long!


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        WOOOOT !!!


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          day 1 note my work outs will be listed from the day before while my food intake will be from the day i am typing this
          work out

          5x5 light day
          squat 140/160/180/180
          mil press standing 70/80/90/100/110
          deads (went real light wanted to watch form)
          chins, weight curnches and preacher curls for ascc work
          felt great today

          ok i got some dpressing news my stats have took a plunge real bad
          i guess working 50 hours a week and not sleeping oh and fuckin up my diet really put a hurt on me last month

          current stats

          weight 184
          arms 14.75
          waist 34.1

          can you say fudge i feel really upset about my stats ,

          well heres my diet thus far today

          supps - red acid
          m1 . chicken salad bagel and fruit cup
          fish oil and multi
          m2 eat smart shake
          green mag
          m3 chicken and red pepper
          m4. pure protien bar - 4 net carbs 20 grams of protien
          m5 pwo shake
          m6 bufflo chicken wrap
          m7 pure protien bar
          Owner of Fitness Paramount Personal Training


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            what do you eat for a fruit cup? I have been eating the all natural Motts apple sauce with blueberry, pretty good stuff.


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              looks good, subscribed
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                Originally posted by ddawg91
                what do you eat for a fruit cup? I have been eating the all natural Motts apple sauce with blueberry, pretty good stuff.
                its from a place by my apt
                its a few grapes , melon , and pineapple
                i like to start my day like that
                Owner of Fitness Paramount Personal Training


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                  day 2 and 3

                  work out - cardio - 25 mins , hiit , afterburn method from alwyn cosgroves book
                  5 mins wu
                  rounds of 9 out of 10 on intensity scale then down to 7 on instensity
                  1 min at 9 then 2 at 7
                  does that make snese to you guys ?

                  so ya 20 mins then 5 mins cool down

                  day 3 i think i can remember what i ate lets try
                  today was a 15 hour shift at the bar so no working out besides running back and forth with beers

                  m1. breakfast sandwich
                  m2 eat smart shake
                  m3 chicken with black bean salsa (so good ) and peppers
                  m4 protien bar
                  m5 20 grmas of wpi -mixed with green mag and h +blocker
                  m6 chicken cesar salad (no crotons)
                  m7 wpi -mixed with green mag and h+blocker
                  m8 chicken fingers and bbq sauce(ya i know but i had been working for 15 hours so i was with out any more real food and i had to be really fast , no breaks at this job)

                  today is day 4 so i will be back on for medium day at the gym
                  squats squats squats
                  review after 3 days
                  after 3 days of taking RA gen 2- i notice this , i take it and feel kinda off my stomach has a slight weird feeling , energy kicks in and thats about it
                  no shakes or anything , not really much to notice but a weird feeling then energy
                  Owner of Fitness Paramount Personal Training


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                    nice start to the log I am on this good luck
                    MY GREEN MAG LOG

                    MY REVIEW OF APT STRAPS


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                      woot bro keep it up mate!!

                      im really interested in RAgen2!

                      im quite keen to see your results!

                      Space cowboy!

                      Just about to get my motorbike so i havnt been active much on CL im sorry will attack asap! hahamauhahahaha

                      I like Finger sandwhiches after a good meal haha muahaha


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                        great log and happy b'day adonis!!!


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                          ab , i think read on somewhere you said you wanted to take me out for my bday
                          so where are we going ?

                          day 4 and 5
                          day 4 work out -
                          meduim day 5x5
                          squats 145/165/185/225x3 /185x8
                          bench 110/130/150/190x3/ 150 x 8
                          row 110/130/150/190x3/ 150 x 8

                          skipped cardio due to time contraints

                          supps for the day 4 ra , 1 scoop of green mag , 1 scoop h+blocker , 4 fish oil , 1 multi , 2 scoops of substance , 2 eat smart shakes

                          sleep - only 6 hours

                          day 5 - gpp baby
                          i moved all day from a 2nd floor into another 2nd floor
                          couches love seat chairs . bags and bags of clothes
                          just a ton of shit
                          then walked the dog twice and run around with him a little nothing major but better then sitting on my butt

                          i got up at 6 am , it seemed kinda weird to do that just because i needed to walk the dog , eat breakfast and take RA , just seemed really early for supps
                          i cant really rememebr what i ate yesterday
                          todays diet has been off since i am at the new place with no food so hopefully i hit hannafords tonight and stock back up on chicken and fish
                          what fish do you guys eat ? i live right next to a market since its maine and all i can get stuff really cheap
                          any good ideas ?

                          sleep ony 6 hours again - i dont know if i will hit 190 for 5 on bench today
                          it would of been a stretch to do last work out when i did it for 3 so lackin in the rest department isnt going to help
                          Owner of Fitness Paramount Personal Training


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                            teehee getting cheeky are we?! (it was meant to be a secret!!!)


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                              todays diet has been off since i am at the new place with no food so hopefully i hit hannafords tonight and stock back up on chicken and fish
                              what fish do you guys eat ? i live right next to a market since its maine and all i can get stuff really cheap
                              any good ideas ?

                              A good fish source would be Salmon, very high in protein and omega 3. TASTES YUMMY TOO ON THE BBQ!!