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Solar's Sixpack Quest with Red Acid 2 + SesaGlow

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  • Solar's Sixpack Quest with Red Acid 2 + SesaGlow

    My Sixpack Assimilation Stack!



    And CUT DIET

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    Its all in the details......

    1. Get a sixpack
    2. Stay above 90kg
    3. Maintain or Gain Strength
    4. NO injuries

    Current Stats
    Bodyweight : 93kg, Bodyfat approx : 12%
    Height : 6'2 or 190cm, Bodytype : Ectomorph
    Waist: a shigh under 34' , Biceps: 15-15.5', Chest: 41', Shoulders: 50.5'

    3,000-3,500 calories a day, as prescribed by Cut Diet. I will be modifying it slightly - possibly adding more carbs and a little less fat. I tried the diet 6 weeks ago and found I couldn't handle the low carb too well, strength fell as carbs fell.

    Weight Training
    As Prescribed by the Cut Diet. Volume Training, each bodypart gets its own day
    Chest / Legs / Back / Arms / Shoulders

    AM: 30-45mins Run on Treadmill, 5 days a week (fasted, before breakfast)
    PM: 10-30mins Walking on Treadmill, 3 days a week (after training)

    Red Acid 2 / SesaGlow Dose
    Red Acid 2: 2 caps pre am cardio, 2 caps pre PM training and off days
    SesaGlow : 1 cap, 3 times a day with meals

    Other Supplements (All Staples, no changes to normal)
    Xtend: Pre Cardio, During Cardio, During Workout
    Whey, Multi, IntraXCell, Digestive Enzymes, Beta 1,3 Glucan


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      Nice intro !! Lookin lean n mean already... this should be good


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        More Details, Details...

        7 Meals a Day. All clean. No processed foods. Based loosely around the cut diet, as I need more carbs and less fat that it prescribes. I won't be doing carb only refeeds.

        Previous Sesamin Experience
        I've used Sesamin based products three times, all during bulking and it did nothing that I could perceive.
        I have never used it during a cut, so this should be interesting.


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          Day 2

          Red Acid 2 / SesaGlow - Dose + Effects

          2 RA pre cardio, 2 RA pre PM gym. SesaGlow 1 cap, three times daily with food.

          Not really much of an energy burst, just a little 'blip' above 'normal'. Thermogenic effects kicked in about 45minutes after dose and seemed to last about 4-5 hours initially. Thermogenic was not as noticeable in the afternoon pre-gym dose, but still there. Appetite is supressed from 'normal' which is exactly what I need and struggle with on diet. I have a massive appetite and was hoping for this.

          Its on track now. I've cut heaps of carbs, upped the protein a little, and lowered the fat from what I was taking last week. I'll probably get moody over the next couple of days, the g/f has been warned


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            Day 4 - 13

            Day 4

            Gym Update
            Worked Back yesterday. Arms today. By lower back bloody cains, slight injur there showing its ugly head. Got some Physio, hopefully it heals up real quick and my right wrist is hurting also, very weird... Anyway.

            Red Acid / SesaGlow
            So far no problems with my stools from SesaGlow. Red Acid 2 is helping appetite a bit. Diet is on track. Thermogenic effect still apparent. No real energy boost though. Nothing else to note.

            Day 7

            91.5kg : -1.5kg

            Was VERY ontrack all weekend / Monday. Had a bit of a cheat day today - VERY high carb day for me, really helped in the gym after a weekend of high protein / low carb.

            Stable at present.

            Day 12

            SesaGlow Issues
            Well the lethargy really kicked in, kept me staying at home this weekend and just lazing around, not good. I've decided to drop it totally now and just have the Red Acid 2. Its hard to certain whether it is SesaGlow or some sort of virus, however I 'feel' ok, no temperature etc, just very lethargic, sleeping a lot, not wanting to train/run/get out of bed etc.

            92kg - -1kg

            Its been off lately . Will be back on track from today though and during the week, hope to shave 500g - 1kilo off this week.

            Day 13

            "Lethargy diminished"
            Back to about 80%. Managed some running/walking this morning, Chest this afternoon and some light walking after that. Hope to be back to 100% tomorrow. I think I was just taking too much SesaGlow. So I will leave it dropped off the stack this week and re-add it at one cap a day next week.

            Strangely my urine has been very yellow for the last two/three days, and I have no idea why. I am certainly drinking enough water, so I suspect some sort of kidney/toxin issue.. Anyway, I'll keep drinking more water. This seems to be related to my lethargy issue I believe. Not saying it is SesaGlow or anything as I don't recall any issues like this (urine/kidneys) with previous use.

            Still a bit off, but better. Red Acid is helping with the cravings. I have to get it back in check after my last 4 days of cheating though.

            Man I feel fat for some reason, abs arent really showing (just the top two), but my bodyweight is DOWN, so hey, the scales don't lie Makes me smile when everything tells me I am heavy but the scales say something else.
            91kg - -2kg

            Great today. Endurance was just under par but strength was very solid.
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              Day 14 - Back to Normal

              RA2 / SesaGlow Dosage
              Red Acid 2 : 2caps, twice a day
              SesaGlow : 1 cap a day

              Still getting a thermo effect from RA2. I have added SesaGlow back into the mix after my lethargy, at one cap a day. I will be monitoring myself in terms of training / diet / sleep to see if lethargic feelings rear their head again, hopefully not, as the science really supports this stuff.

              Fairly Good Got dinner tonite with friends then some desert bar afterwards, and damnit, I'm a sucker for desert. So its a good chance to make me do more cardio beforehand

              AM : 30mins cardio on Treadmill
              PM: 15mins on treadmill after gym
              Strength has been great actually. Managed 310lb Deadlift again yesterday, which is great. I'd like to get that up for more reps. My grip suffers at that weight, so I probably need some sort of grip training device to assist, as I aint going to be wearing straps at such a light weight.


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                Day 21

                89KG. Down from 93KG. Lost 4 Kilos!

                Down an inch

                Unfortunately this has also plummteded somewhat, due to a large calorie defecit, and some serious cardio.

                RA2 / SesaGlow Dosage
                RA2 : 2caps, twice a day
                SesaGlow: 1 cap, twice a day

                Will update with pics tonite.


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                  Originally posted by Solarize
                  Will update with pics tonite.
                  Any updates ?