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From Ashy to Classy, CONTROLLED LABS RED ACID GEN2 / SESAGLOW cutting log

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  • vanessa40
    Great workout


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  • AshyLarry
    Day 1:

    I took 2 Red Acid and 1 SesaGlow when I woke up, approx 30 min before breakfast. Didnt feel anything unusual from it. Drank alot of water yesterday at work. I took another SesaGlow around 1pm after lunch, then at 4pm I took the Red Acid. Then at 7 when returning from the Gym I took the last SesaGlow. I felt fine all day even with the lower calorie diet in effect.

    My meals for yesterday were:

    -1.5 cups Raisin Bran \ 1.5 Cups FF Milk
    -1 Plum
    -6oz Chicken breast \ 4 oz Pepper\Mushroom\Onion Mix and Olive oil
    -1 Large Apple
    -1 Slice WW bread with 1-1.5 tbsp PB and sugar free jelly, .5 Cups Milk
    -7 Egg Whites, 5-6 oz Sweet Potato, 1 tbsp olive oil
    -.25 cups Almonds
    -.5 cup milk

    -Water was in the 1-1.25 gallon range

    My workout went well, I failed a little sooner than expected but I have a feeling that was partially due to lack of eating this weekend, I was gone all day saturday and barely ate and on sunday I was not as hungry. Anyway workout looked like this:

    Barx8 Warmup Stretch
    235x3 Couldn't get the last 2, had a slight pain in left calf and didn't want to push it.

    DB Press:
    70x5 (last 2 need spotter to help) I was a litte upset I didn't throw up 75s espically cause a month ago I was pushing 80s

    DB Row:
    Didn't do a 5th set due to a sharp pain in my left elbow

    DB Curls:
    I have a tough time curling 40s and 45s so I decided to stay with the 35s today and work on good form and reps.

    I'll start adding weight next week most likely.

    All together It was a decent workout, It probably looks like I'm a cry baby with all the little pains I get but I'm not interested in hurting myself for sake of 1-2 reps. I had a decent amount of energy throughout the workout, didn't feel very fatigued as quickly as usual, not sure if that was from the supps or just a mental thing.

    Also, before pictures will be up sometime tonight I hope, my wireless card at home can't hold a signal for more than 2 minutes so I haven't been able to be online at home. I'll try to get them done tonight.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • adcustom
    I'll keep an eye on this one for sure! Good luck!

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  • vanessa40
    You have done great so far. I too use to weigh a lot more than i do now. I look foward to watching your progess.


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  • From Ashy to Classy, CONTROLLED LABS RED ACID GEN2 / SESAGLOW cutting log

    Hi, first Iíd like to thank Controlled Labs for setting me up with the Red Acid Gen2 and SesaGlow for this log.

    For information on Red Acid Gen2 refer to the FAQ located here:
    For information on SesaGlow refer to the FAQ located here:

    Just to give an idea of where Iím at, Iíll give a brief overview of the past 1.25 years.

    Starting June of 2005 I was 285lbs(or more) and extremely unhealthy. I would eat large amounts of food late at night, never exercised, frequented fast food, and enjoyed a lot of drinking and smoking. My diet always varied averaging from maybe 2500-3000 calories one day, to over 10000 some days easily. I was a mess. I stumbled upon from another site and began reading. I sort of unexpectedly decided I was going to start dieting and lose weight. Pretty much overnight, there was no long decision or start date set. I just woke up one morning, gave all my crap food to my roommates and went shopping for the stuff I read about the previous night in the nutrition section. From then on I have been hooked on the whole Bodybuilding lifestyle.

    So then I started exercising. I had bought a mountain bike the previous year but rode it once and let it sit all fall/winter. I pulled it out and began riding everyday with my roommate. At first I was barely able to go 1-2 miles at a very slow pace, but Iím happy to say that by the end of the summer (mid august) I was completing 30-mile rides with ease.

    It was at the point that I realized I needed to incorporate weight training if I wanted to achieve the body Iíve always wanted. I was around 235lbs by September 1 2005, about 50lbs less than I was in June. I was pretty happy but knew I needed to go further. From then on I kept with my really strict diet (cheats 1x every 3 months) and kept hitting the weights. By November I broke the 200lb mark and went home for break at 195. As you might assume, everybody I knew nearly shit themselves, which made all the hard work worth it. I continued with my diet through the holidays and did the 12-week cutting contest in the Losing Fat section until March. By that time I felt drained, exhausted and weak. So, I decided to do a 3 month Bulk using the Madcow 5x5 as my training. During the bulk I gained about 8 lbs and made strength gains like I never did before.

    Come June I knew I had to cut again cause I was still in the ugly 20%+ BF zone and I hate it. So I began cutting this summer with the intentions of dropping 15lbs or so. I was unsuccessful in dropping the 15, came in around 8lbs lost by Sept 1st, but BF loss was noticeable.

    This brings me to my current state. Iím sitting around 182 lbs and Iíd assume 20% BF or more. I desperately want to gain muscle mass and strength, but first want to shrink my waist like and rid myself of the spare tire. So for the next 30 days I will put forth a considerable effort to drop some nasty body fat and get closer to my ideal body.

    Current Stats:

    This is preliminary, I will weigh in tonight at 5pm as I will every Monday at 5pm.

    Age - 21

    Height Ė 5í7íí

    Weight Ė 182lbs

    BF% - estimated 20%

    Waist Ė 37Ē

    Chest - 43Ē (With Manboobs!)

    Pants size - snug 34x32 no belt required, 36x32 belt very necessary or I will have a pants accidentÖ.

    Objectives/ Goals:

    Ok, now that you know a little bit about my past, hereís where I would like to be.

    At the end of this log, October 25, I would like to have achieved the following:

    Weight Ė 172lbs

    BF% - under 18%

    Waist Ė 34Ē

    Pants size Ė 32x32 snug/normal, 34x32 belt required!

    I think this is achievable and am going to make sure I try my hardest to attain it.


    As I have in the past, I will eat very clean during the cut. I have worked really hard over the past year to teach myself to not be tempted by junk food. When I cheat thereís a 90% chance that means I ate a lot of raisins or an extra PBJ sandwich. I havenít eaten fast food since I started this over a year ago, and I donít plan on starting anytime soon. I donít drink anymore (with the exception of my 21st Birthday a few weeks ago) and I no longer smoke anything. As for my everyday diet it will look closely to the following. Iíve never been a big calorie counter who breaks down macros, but I do watch my portion size and know how much of something Iím eating.

    Breakfast (6:50am) Ė 1.5 Cups Raisin Bran (Whole Grain Version) 1.5 Cups FF Milk

    Mid-morning snack Ė Apple/ Banana/ Plum

    Lunch Ė 6oz chicken/tuna with either 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 cup brown rice pasta, and/or vegetables.

    Mid-afternoon snack - Apple/ Banana/ Plum

    Afternoon meal Ė Peanut butter/Jelly on 1 piece whole wheat bread (or tuna)

    Dinner Ė 6-10oz chicken/tuna/turkey with either small sweet potato, 1 cup brown rice pasta, and/or vegetables.

    Before bed Ė 2tbspís of PB and jelly no bread. FF Milk. (I donít always have this).

    I drink water with every meal and throughout the day.

    Like I said, these are al estimates, I might eat a little more or a little less but the scheduling and types of food are always consistent.


    I havenít really figured out what I react best to in terms of training but I enjoy the 5x5 style so thatís what Iíll be basing my training of off for the next 30 days. As it is my routine goes like this:

    Monday: 5x5 BB Bench Press/DB Press
    5x5 DB Row
    5x5 Squat
    3x8 Preacher Curls
    3x12 Situps (not weighted at the moment, will add 25lbs on chest next week)

    Tuesday: 5x5 Incline Press DB
    5x5 SLDL
    3x10 Weighted Hypers (BW/25/45)
    3x as many as I can Dips
    3x12 Situps

    Friday: Max out 3 rep max day
    6x5 BB Bench Press/DB Press
    6x5 DB Row
    6x5 Squat
    3x8 Preacher Curls / DB Curls / Chins (depends on how I feel)
    3x12 Situps
    Iíll update with weights but I have to tell you, none of my lifts are impressive.

    Supplement info:

    For this Log all I will be taking is the Controlled Labs SesaGlow and Red Acid Gen2. Nothing else.

    Before Pictures:

    These will be uploaded later tonight when I get home from work.

    Thanks for being patient and reading, or skipping, all of my boring info. Lets get this log going!