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  • Originally posted by ddawg91
    Sounds still like a great workout, we miss you around here! Asian Babe needs your support!
    It was ok.

    Awww I miss you all too. I been super busy with the kids etc. They always in the pool, so I have to be out there unless I want them to drown. lol

    August 9, 2006

    5caps Green Bulge (45min before workout)


    Pec Dec (top grip)
    1x12 45lb
    1x10 50lb
    1x10 65lb
    2x6 75lb

    DB Chest Press (Flat bench)
    2x10 25lb DB's
    2x10 27.5lb DB's
    1x4 30lb DB's

    DB Chest Press (Decline Bench)
    2x6 25lb db's

    Wide Grip Chest Press (machine)
    1x10 74lb
    2x10 84lb

    Coreboard Pushups

    3x21 20lb

    Close Grip Curls (machine)
    3x10 34lb

    Alternating DB Curls
    3x16 17.5lb DB's

    NOTES: I got to the gym and felt pertty good when I started my workout. Strength is about the same. 21's felt a bit easy so Ill prob go back up in weight next time. My arms where pretty unsteady today, not sure why. I only did 2 sets on decline, which isnt cool. I dont know Im just all over the place lately. I think from working out with someone here & there its just messing up my routine. I had some pumps on the bicep exersises. I think between my slep schedule being insane and me not having any time for myself for the past week or so , its all wreaking havoc on me. I'm sure things will get better soon. The workout was ok, but I defintely didnt feel like pushing myself today.
    What typos?

    Disclaimer: All flirtatious posts under the name of Booty are all in good humor and do not represent the official thoughts of the actual person behind the screen name.


    • I have had days like that where you just don't feel right under the weight, it's weird and really sucks.


      • Just popping in to say hey booty! These sleeping and routine issues aren't going away are they . Hope the organisation gets better soon! I hate running out of time as well ><. Weekend is almost here, hope you get a good one darl!!!