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Adrian Andras'z Golden FinisH Log

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  • Adrian Andras'z Golden FinisH Log

    v The Dataz v

    Key Attributes:

    - Nutrient Rich
    - Rapid Absorption
    - Precisely Flavored
    - Clinically Proven Anabolic Enzyme System
    - Sugar Free
    - 14g BCAA / EAA Per Serving
    - Aminogen and Carbogen
    - Optimal Growth, Nutrient Timing, and Amino Acid Assimilation
    - Enhanced Insulin Regulation
    - Muscle Glycogen Replenishment

    The perfect FinisH to your intense workout, Golden FinisH has been formulated specifically for the serious athlete. Research and development indicates that this nutrient rich formula will aid recovery and help stabilize blood sugar levels to avoid the post-workout "crash". By shuttling nutrients, electrolytes, and amino acids into muscle cells we are able to stimulate muscle groups more often for optimal growth.

    Golden Protein Complex:

    With Hydrolyzed Whey and Whey Isolate providing immediate and sustained amino acid delivery, we enhanced this complex with additional Leucine (the anabolic trigger). With Dicalcium Phosphate from our GFH Complex, the result is a mild tasting, highly effective, optimal recovery product that is easy on the stomach, and doesn't break the bank.

    Anabolic Enzyme System:

    To take this recovery and growth formula to the next level, we included the clinically proven anabolic enzyme system Aminogen and Carbogen. The result is more efficient utilization of key nutrients during the key post-workout recovery window, helping to trigger anabolism legally and naturally.

    CoriCARB and Inulin for Nutrient Shuttling and Enhanced Insulin Regulation:

    Our unique and proprietary sugar-free blend of premium, nutrient rich carbohydrate sources enhanced with Inulin will help the serious athlete replenish muscle glycogen and help shuttle amino acids / nutrients into the muscles while blood flow is optimal without the post-workout "crash" associated with other products on the market.

    GFH Complex:

    For optimal post-workout cellular anabolism, look no further than our GFH Complex. We included crucial Electrolytes and Taurine to work in synergy, keeping your muscles in an anabolic state at the cellular level and for as long as possible. As a bonus, it appears that this complex may even help reduce muscle cramping and unnecessary soreness.

    Current Stats:
    Weight: 190lbs
    Height: 5'10"
    Current Goal: Cut 10-20lbs of fat by march
    (Unsure of current BF percentage)

    What I expect to gain from this product:
    An aid to my recovery time during my cut, in which time I obviously will be getting an under-abundance of nutrients.

    First Impressions Of Product (1 scoop)
    Mixability: 9/10, it was still a little bit sandy, just a smidgen though. With most of my shakes I let them sit a good 10-15 min so they dissolve better, with my first serving of GFH I only let it sit about 5. Tomorow I'll let it sit a little longer and see if it mixes any better

    Taste: 9/10, it tastes good, but it aint no GM or PW.

    Other Notes: I'm moderately lactose intolerant, and most times shakes give my a lil gas pain and some farts, but I consumed the GFH over 4 hours ago and have had no such conditions. So if you have had similiar concerns, it was all jesus with my stomach

    I'll be back tomorow with more yall.

    -Adrian Andras

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    PS: I'll try to get some current body pics once I get a good body shave here.


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      I took yesterday off, I guess I went a lil too hardcore the day before with the cardio, and my knee was fuckin with me yesterday.

      More Info

      Current Supps:
      Pre: PurplE WrAAth, Green MAGnitude, White Flood
      Throughout the day: ON Whey, Orange Triad.

      Training Split:

      I had a REALLY solid Leg workout today & had a full serving of GFH post workout. I found that the more water I added the better the taste. 20 ounces worked pretty well for me

      It seemed to help my post workout crash a bit, but with CL products there never really is much of postworkout crash.

      Be back tomorow with more.


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        Originally posted by adrian andras
        I had a REALLY solid Leg workout today & had a full serving of GFH post workout. I found that the more water I added the better the taste. 20 ounces worked pretty well for me


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          Today was Chest/Delt/Tri: Really solid workout

          My recovery time seems to be improving, which is allowing me to train at an optimum frequency. It's especially impressive considering that I'm on a cutting diet.

          My legs are the only body parts that stay sore for longer than a day or two, I dont think there's anything to speed up recovery from a good leg day though.
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            Originally posted by adrian andras
            My recovery time seems to be improving, which is allowing me to train at an optimum frequency. It's especially impressive considering that I'm on a cutting diet.


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              Today was Back/Bi day. Back day is easily my favorite day, it's hard to have a bad back workout. And what can I say, if nothing else, God gave me lats

              I noticed some increased recovery in my chest area. I did chest 2 days before. Usually when back day comes around the pecs are still somewhat sore and I really notice the soreness when I get a good stretch with my lat pulls. That soreness did not bother me so much today. Maybe I didn't do so well on Chest day, or Maybe GFH is workin for me


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                Sorry for the lack of posts, I caught a lil stomach bug, I should be back in the gym tomorow.


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                  Had a really good Chest/Delt/Tri workout.

                  I tehyou what, WF + GM + PW + GFH = AMAZING work outs coupled with AMAZING Recovery. I've NEVER felt so strong and healthy on a Cut, ever.

                  So far I got my cals cut under 2000 and my carbs cut under 100, and I havent lost a bit of strength in my lifts.


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                    Had a good Leg/back workout on sunday, I wasnt able to get on the computer to log.

                    I did my chest/delts today. The chest fealt really really solid long after my workout, I really got some good reps in.

                    I've experiemented with the amount of water a little more with my GFH shake. I been using 10oz of water & just downing it (like I do with most my shakes). But if you're looking to enjoy your GFH shake a little longer, I reccomend 20oz, for taste purposes.


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                      Did my Legs/Back again today, had a pretty solid workout. Recovery is amazing, I've never been able to train at this frequency before. I'm sure the WrAAth also plays a part in it as well


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                        I've altered my split do to issues with my hip, which restrict the amount of legwork I am capable of doing. So I'm now working back with legs because I still have alot left in the tank after I've done all the legwork I am capable of doing.


                        (additional off days are inserted as needed)


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                          Have not been on but have been journaling

                          Arms - Nothing new here, feeling good. Started using the straps on back day so that I would be able to train bi's the day after.

                          Chest/delt - I been having some pretty amazinf chest workouts here lately, the pumps are amazing and well sustained. WF/PW are the supps of the gods.

                          Legs/Back - Had a pretty solid workout aside from some hip discomfort, as I've said before, I love my lats. Recovery is still going very well, I love these shorter more complex splits so I can turn up the frequency, GFH definately help, when I wake up the next day I can barely tell that I had a grueling workout the day before.

                          Arms - Solid, got an insane forearms pump. I love working small body parts like Forearms, Calves, and Traps. Still recovering well

                          Chest/Delt - Feelin good, OT has been keeping my RTs happy. Not much new here.

                          Legs/Back - Got an awesome pump, still really utilizing those straps to take the emphasis off the biceps. My chest seems to be recovering quicker than pre-GFH, as it no longer hurts to get a real good stretch on my lat pulls.

                          Arms - Really turned it up on the Tri's, as always the forearm work was my favorite part of the workout. Recovery is still great.

                          Be back soon for a final review.


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                            Sorry for the delay with getting this posted. Been fighting the roomie for the pooter her lately.

                            FINAL REVIEW

                            Starting Weight: 190lbs
                            Ending Weight: 182s

                            I wasn't able to test my BF percentage, but by mirror appearence it appears to be mostly, if not all, body fat that was lost. It even looks like I might have put on some lean muscle.


                            My recovery was great, I also credit Wraath for aiding my recovery. I'm a weight addict and I LOVE products that keep me from taking days off to recover. This is one of those products.


                            Had a good taste when it was watered down. Some supplements you get sick of tasting after a while, this is not one of those supplements.

                            No postworkout crash was a nice touch too.

                            Overal product rating = 9.5/10

                            Thanks to CL for selecting me to be one of the testers and once again I apologize for the delay with getting my last couple of posts up.

                            Till next time, Know Your Colors Bitches!