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  • jaymdubbs' Golden FinisH Log

    Key Attributes:

    - Nutrient Rich
    - Rapid Absorption
    - Precisely Flavored
    - Clinically Proven Anabolic Enzyme System
    - Sugar Free
    - 14g BCAA / EAA Per Serving
    - Aminogen and Carbogen
    - Optimal Growth, Nutrient Timing, and Amino Acid Assimilation
    - Enhanced Insulin Regulation
    - Muscle Glycogen Replenishment

    The perfect FinisH to your intense workout, Golden FinisH has been formulated specifically for the serious athlete. Research and development indicates that this nutrient rich formula will aid recovery and help stabilize blood sugar levels to avoid the post-workout "crash". By shuttling nutrients, electrolytes, and amino acids into muscle cells we are able to stimulate muscle groups more often for optimal growth.

    Golden Protein Complex:

    With Hydrolyzed Whey and Whey Isolate providing immediate and sustained amino acid delivery, we enhanced this complex with additional Leucine (the anabolic trigger). With Dicalcium Phosphate from our GFH Complex, the result is a mild tasting, highly effective, optimal recovery product that is easy on the stomach, and doesn't break the bank.

    Anabolic Enzyme System:

    To take this recovery and growth formula to the next level, we included the clinically proven anabolic enzyme system Aminogen and Carbogen. The result is more efficient utilization of key nutrients during the key post-workout recovery window, helping to trigger anabolism legally and naturally.

    CoriCARB and Inulin for Nutrient Shuttling and Enhanced Insulin Regulation:

    Our unique and proprietary sugar-free blend of premium, nutrient rich carbohydrate sources enhanced with Inulin will help the serious athlete replenish muscle glycogen and help shuttle amino acids / nutrients into the muscles while blood flow is optimal without the post-workout "crash" associated with other products on the market.

    GFH Complex:

    For optimal post-workout cellular anabolism, look no further than our GFH Complex. We included crucial Electrolytes and Taurine to work in synergy, keeping your muscles in an anabolic state at the cellular level and for as long as possible. As a bonus, it appears that this complex may even help reduce muscle cramping and unnecessary soreness.

    FinisH every workout with Golden FinisH !!
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    The Log:

    Weight - 185
    Body fat - (using Tanita scale, lowest 6.6, highest 9.1)

    Meal 1 - oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, 1 scoop whey
    Meal 2 - Almonds/Peanuts, 1 scoop whey
    Meal 3 - tuna/chicken/beef + veggies
    Meal 4 (pre) - 1 scoop whey
    Meal 5 (post) - 3 scoops GFH, 1 scoop whey
    Meal 6 - tuna/chicken/beef, veggies, eggs
    Meal 7 - 1 scoop casein protien

    I will be following this diet very strictly. The only deviation will be when I go out to dinner with my girlfriend (will still be eating healthy though)

    Vitamin Shoppe Mens Multivitamin
    Controlled Labs Green Mag
    Controlled Labs White Flood
    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath
    Controlled Labs Golden Finish
    ON Gold Standard Whey (Rocky Road)
    ON Casein Protein

    Day 1 - Chest/Abs
    Day 2 - Arms/Abs
    Day 3 - Back/Abs
    Day 4 - Legs/Shoulders/Abs

    Cardio will be 3 mile HIT after every workout

    Training days will be alternated with days off according to my work schedule. For instance, lets say I work out 4 days in a row, I will take a day off and start over. Lets say I workout Day 1 and 2, I will take a day off and do Day 3, etc. etc. It’s a revolving workout schedule that really doesn’t follow a “standard” week. It works well for me at least.


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      Follow Up

      I received my GFH on Saturday, but as I was preparing my log my internet went screwy, and I wasnt able to post anything. I have since fixed this, and will be posting Day 1, 2, 3, 4 (today).


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        Day 1

        Day 1 - Chest

        Taste 10/10: I must say, the taste is simply amazing. I cant even describe what it tastes like, but a "tropical smoothie" accurately describes it. In all honesty, I think 20oz isnt enough water, as it is EXTREMELY sweet and potent at 20 oz. Definately bumping it up to at least 30 -40 oz. I compare it to that Iced tea mix, where it still tastes awesome strong, but tastes even better with a little more water (this is the case with GFH).

        Mixability: 10/10 No clumps. I am staring at my shaker bottle and there is a little residue still left, but it doesnt prohibit me from enjoying it at all.

        Thoughts: It tastes good, mixes good, and it has an awesome ingredient profile. I am a huge fan of insulin regulation and the BCAA/EAA blends in this.

        This will be up for debate until the GFH is completely in my system, but I expect good things from CL.


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          Day 2

          Day 2 - Arms

          Good workout today, going high volume again

          Wasnt sore from the previous workout, as I engaged in a high volume routine (vince gironda's 8x8 - brutal)

          NOTE: GFH tastes awesome with 40oz of water too.


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            Day 3

            Day 3 - Back

            Thoughts- ripped my back to shreds today with 8x8s. obviously I wont be hitting any PR's, but i can tell i am lacking muscle endurance

            Recovery - still not sore from the workouts - i will be extremely fatigued the day of the workout, but i feel ship-shape the following day. diet is on point, and the GFH still tastes great!


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              Day 4

              Day 4 - Legs/Shoulders

              Thoughts I always dread shoulders and legs day, as it requires the most focus and motivation because i literally destroy myself each time. especially with an 8x8, it really is excruciating.

              Recovery Still no muscle soreness to speak off - GFH directly after workouts followed 45 mins later with a whole meal is doing my body well.

              NOTE: Weight and BF are relatively the same


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                Other observations:

                No carb coma, or post workout crash to speak of. after workouts, i still pumped and energized (to a certain degree) - im not feeling "flat"


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                  Can't wait to recieve GF now.
                  Sponsored Controlled Labs Athlete
                  Looks for the ads, coming soon!


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                    Agreed, it tastes even better watered down


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                      Do you use a shaker for the 40 oz? Or a gallon? Or something else?


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                        Originally posted by JOakman
                        Do you use a shaker for the 40 oz? Or a gallon? Or something else?

                        i have to split it between 2 shakers, or if I have one, i use 1.5 scoops w/20oz water, and then another one


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                          Day 5

                          Day 5 - Chest

                          Thoughts: Good workout today, although I was exhausted from work. GFH tasted especially refreshing tonight.

                          Recovery: Developed some soreness in my ham and quads from the leg workout, but hey, it was leg day. I dont think any supp can help with leg day

                          Other than that, feeling pretty good.


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                            Day 6

                            Day 6 - Arms

                            Thoughts: Destroyed my Arms today - stamina and endurance are up slightly from this week, as work has been especially stressful. I got a promotion though

                            Recovery Felt good post workout, no carb crash. Nutrition is on point. I did have a cheesburger w/white bread last night, BUT i made sure to supplement plenty of fats to avoid the crash.


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