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Thread: So my stack gets interrupted midway by....the good ol' flu

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    Default So my stack gets interrupted midway by....the good ol' flu

    I was right in the middle of a 2 month on WB, GM and PW stack. Had 1 more month to go!! Making great gains both size wise and strenght wise. On Friday night I worked on chest/shoulders and probably had the biggest pump i've ever had for my chest. I measured my chest the next day and it was at 50 inches..which is quite the accomplishment for a guy that once had 11 inch arms lol. The pump lasted all throughout's safe to say that the stack was really kicking in full throttle. I go through the night.....get a call from a female "buddy" at 1 in the morning, go over to her place and then I got home at 6 in the morning and just pass out. Next thing you know I wake up with the flu on Sunday lol. The price you pay for a lil "fun"..good god.

    I haven't worked out since Friday and my diet has been absolutely shit. I was taking in about 4000 cal's a day with 250 grams of protein. Since Sunday i've probably had about 20 grams of protein per day with barely 1000 cals.......

    I know i've lost a few pounds atleast, but it feels and LOOKS like i've lost about 20 . I'm so anxious to get back. I wanna get back to the gym by tommorow. I'm so paranoid about how much i've lost that I wore a sweater on campus today.......a sweater.

    In the past i've always taken creatine/NO products one month at a time, with a week or two off. So this was the first time I was going to go 2 months on straight and I was REALLY looking forward to seeing what 2 months on straight could do for me..and it was looking great. I feel like i'm starting the stack all over again now.......

    Oh well
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    Include Orange TRIad to combat flu

    Serious, I hope you feel better soon, you have plenty of time to run both, and you will see amazing gains !!!

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    My thoughts

    - sounds like you have serious issues psychologically about your body composition... learn to feel comfrotable with your body, its the only one you get.. this will pay great dividends in all you do (research muscle dysmorphia if interested - it affects a large percentage of men and occasionally women in a similiar fashion [though theres is usually more towards weight control - not muscle size])

    - you only have yourself to blame for your lack of proper nutrition during the illness. just because your not 100% healthy doesnt mean you cant continue following the diet plan as strictly as you had (or close to it even).

    - defnintly begin using a multivitamin as mentioned above

    - Stop being this females boytoy. make her be your toy. I call it being a man. If she's callin at 1am - she better be calling as she walks to your apartment.

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