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Thread: 6 OXO extreme review

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    Default 6 OXO extreme review

    If you read my 11 oxo log, I ran the 6 oxo extreme as PCT after a 40 day cycle.

    Per advice from Patrick Arnold on, I ran 10 caps with my last meal of the day. I purchased two bottles (with 75 caps each, equaling 15 days of PCT)

    I have taken 6 oxo in the past and I know I react well to it, so I felt this was a no brainer.

    I have thus discovered I cannot handle resversatrol, which is a shame because of all the benefits associated with it. the extract in the extreme is 50% from knotweed, which contains Emodine, which is a laxative.

    Nothing like having HORRIBLE diaherra for 2 weeks. Some days were better than others, but either way, my body didnt like it.

    From logs ive seen, it subsides in some people, but I def. wasnt one of the lucky ones.

    Overall - 7/10 great addition of ZMA, querticin, resversatrol, but the price IS HARD TO GET USED TO

    I have retained all my strength gains from the cycle

    If you can handle the resversatrol, this is obviously superior to the original 6 oxo.

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    thanks for the heads up. havent heard many good things at all about extreme, im sure the original 6 oxo will win outright. cant wait until iforces new pct, coming out in june
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    Thanks for the review, jay.
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