I don't have the patience like PU to really make this a nice looking review, so I will just get to it. Dirty and RAWWWW

I succumbed to the pressue of the extra edge prohormones offer. I have also become frustrated with the last bit of fat my body is carrying, and I thought I might have cortisol issues stemming from all my training. I felt the adrenosterone was a mild alternative, as it really didnt require a full pct and just required 6 oxo or 6 oxo extreme for a couple weeks and was a selective cortisol modulator.

I started off with one bottle, and 3 caps a day. Within a week I began to feel back pumps, but at the same time i FELT leaner (didnt mean i was, as my BF stayed the same) I didnt see strength gains until about week 2, when I upped the caps to 6. The dosing became expensive, and I still proceeded to purchasing 2 more bottles, and ran the cycle for 40 days.

The strength gains, muscle hardness (VERY NOTICABLE) and libido was through the roof througout the cycle. I was really impressed with this, but I wasnt planning on "getting huge" as this compound is mildly androgenic per Patrick Arnold.

Overall rating - 9/10 Ive taken natural boosters that say they increase muslce hardness, but this is the only supplement ive taken that has truly done that. On a few occasions, I felt COMPLETELY unstoppable in the gym as I hit PRs in the big 3 lifts.

I also feel that this compound has a slight diuertic effect, as my water levels were consistently lower than normal while everything else was constant.

My bodyweight and body fat have stayed the same, but I have kept my strength gains so far

I ran 6 oxo extreme for my PCT, which Ill have a separate review for.

So far, I have had no libido shutdown, gyno, or any other weird results after coming off.