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Thread: PW, WF sample reviews

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    Default PW, WF sample reviews

    Alrighty. so No small talk this time, lets just cut to the chase!

    PW: I have ALWAYS loved PW. I have been using tubs of V1 for so long, just because it works so well. Being an endurance-type athlete, PW has always pleased me. When I got the opportunity to taste V3, I became an addict. Seriously, I want more. It tastes like candy; so delicious. And when you are pleased with the delicious taste your product gives you, your mentality (well mine anyways) changes in the gym. I'm so much more pumped because I don't have to forcefead myself anything anymore. I WANT to take this. GIVE ME MORRRREEEE

    WF: I have heard that the taste of this product has just been terrible. Works well, but everyones not too fond of the taste. But honesly, I find this more tolerable than green magnitude. I am a chugger, and I gulp everything down as quick as possible; this is easily done with WF. You can't expect to mask the tastes of these ethyl esters with ease. This is by far the best tasting product involving these ethyl esters I have ever taken. No, it doesn't taste like candy, but it is highly tolerable.

    Controlled labs have a very big reputation for having highly effective products; and once again they have outdone themselves. They are constantly improving their products to satisfy every one of their customers. I wouldn't be where I am today without the excellent products they provide. I was once a 250 lb teenager sitting on the couch eating potato chips. Now I am a certified personal trainer. So this is my thank you!

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    wow, thanks for the amazing feedback, glad you are enjoying the products
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    side note: the WF worked awsome.

    WF + GB = insane pumps during arm routine. My arms have been rock hard for hours now
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    thats exactly what you want

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