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Thread: Purple flood? The fairytale starts here!

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    Thanks for dropping in pu!

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    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 16 of 30


    The workout:

    1hr Body Combat class

    In case you're wondering, the classes look like this

    Today's cocktail was: energy flood!
    ..1 scoop WF
    .. 3/4sc PW

    Other than White Flood, I have stopped taking other stim fatburners and caffeine. Sipping it slowly keeps energy sustained throughout the session. I am also guilty of throwing some in my water bottle to keep me awake at school. I end up using about 1.5scoops a day of WF.

    Today's menu:

    Meal 1: chicken, avocado, cucumber, capsicum
    Meal 2: chicken, avocado, cucumber, capsicum
    Meal 3: bar
    Meal 4: oats, whey (pre-cardio)
    Meal 5: cottage cheese, apple, walnuts

    Totals 1558cal 49f 130c 169p

    New recipe... time to scream for some icecream

    ...Blend 2.5% cottage cheese, canned pie apple, cinnamon and splenda
    ...Mix in some chopped walnuts
    ...Throw in freezer overnight.

    ...Take it one hour before you want to eat it, and let it soften a tad. Drown in some more splenda and eat!

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 17 of 30

    FB & supersets

    The workout:

    .. db incline press 3sets: 10x28s
    ss .... front squat 3 sets: 10x66

    .. dips 3 sets: 10xassist
    ss .... chins 3 sets: 10xassist

    .. shoulder machiine 3 sets: 10,9,8 x 88
    ss .... slow decline crunch 3 sets x 15

    .. seated calves 3 sets x 20
    ss .... cable chest press 3 sets 10,8,8 x 88
    ss .... cable flyes 3 sets: 10,8,8 x 44

    Today's cocktail was: no problemo flood!
    ..1 scoop WF
    .. 1sc PW

    No stamch problems today, but I took it 2 hours after breakfast. I am sore all over and really didn't want to be there. Energy was pretty low, so I used a lot of machines stuff today.. supersets are pretty killer though. I have been reading about workouts designed to shunt blood from one extreme of the body to another, so I'll be experimenting more soon if I can, extra torture! I don't think I have recovered from all the jumping and bounding from last night. Poor sleep and hunger is all too apparent.

    Big birthday bash tonight so I think tomorrow will warrant a much needed day off. Happy weekend!

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 20 of 30

    Legs + back

    The workout:

    .. squat: 15x55, 12x66, 10x77, 8x88, 6x99(PR!)
    .. legpress: 3x10x308 (equal PR)
    .. pulldown: 15x66, 12x70, 8x77, 8x77, 6x80
    .. cable row: 3x10x55
    .. standing calves 3x10x103, + 10 bodyweight
    .. seated incline db curls: 3sets..

    Today's cocktail was: no problemo flood!
    ..1 scoop WF
    .. 1sc PW

    Good workout, first half was GREAT. By the time I got to arms I was completely gone.. the 6kg dumbell felt like 50kgs. When I was at the hospital they tried to take blood from me and had to take 4 goes before they could find a vein. Now I have bruises all over my arms, and they felt so weak today.. so I stopped it short. I think the doc told me not to carry heavy stuff like groceries.. well I guess I chose to ignore that


    2023cal 65f 233c 144p

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 21 of 30


    20min skipping + agility drills

    One day I'll be like this

    Today's cocktail was:
    .. 1/2sc PW


    1) Tuna and avocado
    2) Chicken and avocado
    3) Chicken and avocado
    4) Roast duck, white rice, sausages
    5) Cottage cheese, apple, walnuts, almonds
    1349 cal 59f 50c 155p

    I am feeling better today, thanks everyone

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 22 & 23 of 30

    Cardio, chest/shoulders/tris

    Yesterday I did cardio - skipping for 20min

    Today was chest/shoulders/triceps

    .. Db press 12x22s, 3 sets 10x28s
    .. Dips 5,5,5 (reached failure on all of these)
    .. cable flyes 3sets x15
    .. MP 3sets 9x44
    .. Db side raise 3 sets 10x9s
    .. Closegrip bb press 4 sets 10x44
    .. Tricep pushdowns 3 sets 10x10plates
    .. Hanging abs 4 setsx12, then moved to the other side and did a few with supported back til fail.

    Time to go to school. Today I will be doing a skit for my course in law and ethics.. which involves me being a murderer, I even have my black and white striped hoodie found in the back of my closet, oh yay.

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 24 of 30

    Legs + back

    The workout:

    .. squat: 1566, 12x77, 10x88, 8x99(Increased reps), 6x110(PR! +11lbs)
    .. legpress: 3x10x330 (PR! +22lbs)
    .. pulldown: 15x606, 12x66, 10x70, 8x77, 6x80
    .. cable row: 3x10x66
    .. standing calves 3x10x125 (PR! +22lbs), + 10 bodyweight + another 10
    .. ss bodyweight hypers (calves were screaming!)
    .. bb curls 12x28, 10x33, 2x7xbar
    .. db hammer curls 10,10,6 x 5s

    Today's cocktail was: no problemo flood!
    ..1 scoop WF
    .. 1sc PW

    I'm all Today! I had my fluorescent (sp?) ankle weights handy for the squats, but I didn't feel like taking them out, and the 99s were quite manageable. MY squats are sumo style so I go a little lower, maybe not quite atg, but halfway between that and parallel. They felt great, must be the lack of cardio. All other exercises went just fine as well!

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 25 of 30

    Today = sunday = OFF!

    Made lasagna today, I can't believe how great it turned out!!

    Here's my recipe..
    kangaroo mince
    whole wheat lasagna sheets
    pasta bake sauce
    ricotta cheese
    mozzarella cheese

    bake veggies in the over until tender with some oil spray
    meanwhile, cook up the meat and add the sauce
    layer onto a baking/casserole dish the roasted veggies, meat, sauce, lasagna sheets and two cheeses.. I got around two layers, top with more sauce and cheese and bake til golden ~50mins

    cals were pretty good too!
    For the whole thing:
    Totals 1206c 31f 127c (34g fibre) 119p
    Divi into 4 and it makes a nice 300cal "brunch"

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 26 of 30

    Push + cardio

    The workout:

    .. db incline press 12x15s 10x22s 8x28s (Attempted 33s but failed again! )
    .. dips 5sets 3 or 4 reps
    .. db seated shoulders 12x15s, 3 sets: 9x22s 8x22s 7x22s
    .. db lateral raises 3sets 10x9s 10x11s
    ....... ran out of time ...

    1hr cardio - step class.

    Today's cocktail was: no problemo flood!
    ..1 scoop WF
    .. 1sc PW

    Slept in so I didn't manage to do tris. Trying to focus on dips, usually I go to about 5 and if I'm lucky, 6.. but today tried something different, stopping one or 2 short of failure, resting maybe 30sec and starting again.. if anyone has a better way tell me, but my chest always feels like it is about to burst doing these. Then did some cardio - it was fine, by the end of the class I was pretty damn sweaty!!

    ... uhh, today I have that funny feeling you get when you're missing someone

    Got stacks of work to do and papers to write again, see ya!

    :::Food today:::

    1) oats, whey
    2) oats, whey, banana, cottage cheese
    3) chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, mushies, olive oil
    4) cottage cheese, apple, walnuts

    Totals 1752c 48f 197c 148p

    Ok so I made a new dressing today to go with my veggies, main ingredient was fish sauce, popular anywhere, anyone??

    .. fish sauce
    .. 1 or 2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
    .. lemon or lime juice
    .. 1-2 chillis, or sweet chilli sauce, or both
    .. splenda

    the amoung of each you use is up to you.. for me I like things really hot, so I add more chilli, add enough splenda so that it is sweet, salty, hot and sour.. I swear this is the bestest tasting thing ever...

    Tastes good with chicken salad - finely shredded chicken, carrot & cabbage, add in some olive oil if you want some extra I only had it with the cauli and broc, still it was so damn tasty.

    Nutrition/damage:: 10cals/15ml fish sauce (2g protein); sweet chilli sauce 4cals/15ml, the rest of the ingredients have similarly negligible cals.


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    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 27 of 30

    Legs + back

    The workout:

    .. squat: 15x66, 12x77, 10x88, 8x99, 6x110, 3x121 (+11lbs!!)
    .. legpress: 10x286, 10x330, 5x330 (got pinned )
    .. chins 6 sets x 2 tricep dips 5 sets x 5,5,5,5,4 (LOOK PU I DID DEM TRICEPTZ 2DAY! )
    .. close grip pulldowns: 3sets 10x66
    .. cable row: 3x10x60

    Today's cocktail was: no problemo flood!
    ..1 scoop WF
    .. 1sc PW

    Another squat PR!!! Amazing. This was despite sleeping at 3am from finally finishing writing a paper for school I may just have to attempt the big wheelers next workout Maybe, maybe, maybe!! Made sure all the reps were full ROM.. but the leggies got tired come pressing time. Chins still need working on, I am pretty weak in that area, by pulldowns I was pretty wasted, so weights were lower, worked on form instead. That was pretty much it, was running late again! I'll make up for it all that I have missed on Thursday for sure..

    Hey I'm kickin' ass in here!!! I <3 white flood!


    0) Chicken breast, almonds (Midnight snack... ? :/ )
    1) Oats, whey
    2) Oats, whey, banana, cottage cheese
    3) Bar
    4) Bar
    5) Veggie Lasagna
    6) Toasted cheese sandwich, roasted veggies

    Totals 1959cal 45f 223c 176p

    OHh PS today when the lads were helping me load the leg press, I got told that I'm the strongest girl at the gym ! hehe that's not saying much coz there aren't a lot who lift, but still!

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 28 of 30



    1) kanga bangas, avocado, mushrooms
    2) chicken, avocado
    3) kanga bangas, avocado
    4) tuna, cauliflower, olive oil
    5) cottage cheese, apple, walnuts

    Totals 1352c 54f 65c 164p

    Hey crazy peeps, very long day today, I'm so darn TIRED
    Time to zonk out! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 29 of 30

    Chest etc.

    .. incline bench 15x44, 12x55, 10x66, 6x77, 9x70, 4x77.. ermmm misjudged something there..
    (ss 5 sets: 20 calf raises)

    .. cable chest press 3 sets 10x99
    (ss hanging raises: 3 sets x12)

    .. db seated shoulders 10x17s 3x4x22s, 8x17s
    (ss hyperextensions)

    .. db lat raises 10x11s, 3sets: 12x9s

    .. tricep dips 4 sets: 5,5,6(!!!!),5
    (ss db curls 3 sets: 15x11s, 10x13s, 2x15x11s

    .. closegrip bench 3 sets: 11, 9, 8 x 44
    (ss ez bar curls 3 sets: 10xbar+11lbs)

    Then I finished it off with some cardio because since I slept in (again!!! ) I missed the spinning class I wanted to do..
    .. treadmill - light jog 2 sets of 7 and 1/2 minutes @ 8km/hr.

    Workout cocktail:
    ..1scoop WF
    ..1scoop PW
    .. 1.5L water, 1/3 sipped before workout, 1/2 during and the rest during cardio..


    Phew!!!!! I am exhausted just typing all that up. Felt great most of the time. Hadn't done incline bench with the bar for a while, but tried it again today since I have been stuck on the same dumbbells for a while, and was a tad over-enthusiastic with the weight, heh. Pretty weak on db shoulder pressing too, the benching hit them hard already. Supersets were great. I always feel like I'm wasting time resting during chest/shoulder exercises. Dips are feeling good and I threw in some biceps because I missed them the other day, had a mad pump.

    Very sweet workout, log will be over soon though and I think I'll cycle off WF/stims for a little bit. I am trying to reduce my tolerance to caffeine so that will be a good change. Annnd.... next I'll be adding in RED ACID!

    Food for today..

    1) Oats, whey
    2) Oats, banana, cottage cheese, whey
    3) Bar
    4) Chicken, noodles, broccoli
    5) Banana Bread
    6) .. some jelly

    Totals 1878cal 33f 257carb 157p

    4 of my meals today had oats in it!!! !!!

    Found some new diet sodas to make jelly with.. I have tried ginger beer.. it was ok, with maple syrup on top, but the one I made today is going to be amazing.. it is honeydew melon & mango flavoured!! YUMMO! I've been drinking it as well.. hehe :P

    Annd.. since we had a huge bunch of bananas, I just had to make some banana bread.. this recipe is pretty good for high carb days. This is the second time I've made it and I am still playing around and making some adjustments, but overall they came out moist, sweet and delectable!

    .. 1 cup oats
    .. 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
    .. 1/2 cup wheatgerm
    .. 2 eggs
    ..1/2 cup skim milk
    .. 1/2 cup walnuts
    .. 4 bananas (500g)
    .. 3 scoops protein (I used 1sc wpi, 1 sc wpc, 1 scoop yucky fruity peach wpi that I'm trying to get rid of.. so I have to use it in cooking .. but its so damn overpowering I can't use too much.. it's almost been a year and I've barely touched it .)

    .. extras.. spices - I used cinnamon and cloves today, splenda (~1/3 cup), little bit of baking powder and guar gum.

    Method is so simple:::

    ..Blend all ingredients together (except walnuts and a bit of banana) until smooth - add water where necessary, but only as much as is needed. Add in walnuts and banana, whizzing for just a little bit, but that's because I like the crunch..

    .. Whang it in the oven. I used ~190degrees until fork comes out clean. Took maybe 40mins, can't remember.

    .. Cut up and serve with maple syrup...

    My mum couldn't stop eating these.. I have made apple or berry ones before but they didn't turn out nearly as good! I'll perfect it soon though.

    Totals 2188c 60f 322c 126p ... divide into however much you want
    (50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein) yahooooo!

    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"
    Day 30 of 30


    1 hr combat class

    also did some skipping earlier on in the day.

    Workout cocktail:
    .. 2 caps redacid
    ..1scoop PW
    .. 1L water


    1) kanga sausages, whole egg, olive oil, brocolli
    2) Few bites of a bar.. not hungry for some reason
    3) kanga sausages, avocado, broccolli
    4) tuna, cottage cheese, carrot, tomato, celery, onion
    5) same as 4 + mushrooms

    1462cal 55f 76c 180p

    Last day of this log. It has been great though, thanks everyone for dropping by (even the lurkers!!!). When I start a new log, I'll link it in here, right now I'm pretty exhausted from the cardio... when I get a chance to think, I'll put up my review

    Ran out of broc, so I went and bought 2 kgs to last me a little while... then I found out that there was another 2 kgs in the fridge, coz mummy knows how much I love broc and how much I hate to have it run out on me... now I have enough to eat broc every meal for the next week!! I love my mum, and its mother's day this weekend, so I'll be treating her out!

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    PURPLE FLOOD & "asianbabe"

    The rest of my (sponsored) log is here::

    Purple Wraath's Claims:

    New And Improved Flavor!

    Enhance Recovery And Increase Strength, Endurance, And Energy!
    White Flood's Claims:

    White Flood is a cutting edge preworkout formula that will rev you up for lifting and cardio like none other. Not only will you experience out of this world pumps, but tons of extra energy and true muscle building potential. That muscle building potential comes from the addition of compounds usually not seen in preworkout formulas of the past. We have also included potent anti-oxidants to scavenge any free radicals normally elicited by Nitric Oxide inducing ingredients. It's time to flood your system.... with the most advanced preworkout Nitric Oxide and Energy Enhancer available; White Flood!

    # Fast absorbing and fast acting
    # Synergy, strength and stamina
    # Endurance and extreme pumps
    # Nutrient delivery and recovery
    First of all, my thoughts will be completely subjective, I do not care if you agree with me or not, but anyway here goes.....

    Everyone seems to complain about the taste of supplements, so I will comment on that. I have used a tub of Purple Wraath in the past, bought it quite some time ago (and it lasted ages!) so it was the original version. Version 3 which is the one I had been given, was MUCH MUCH better. Still the first couple of times I tried it, I almost gagged beause I had instilled in my mind the taste of the old version.. heh, weird? But after a few servings, the taste grew on me and now I look forward to drinking it. Same goes with White Flood. I enjoy drinking them, either stand alone or in a mix, without having to add other sweeteners and such. Seems like some others aren't a fan of the flavouring, but I like it!

    My typical dosage: After playing around with the dosages, water, timng and the addition of bcaas, flavouring etc. I finally got it nailed down right ..

    .. 1 scoop White Flood
    .. 1 scoop Purple Wraath
    .. 1.5L water
    1/3 taken pre-workout, the rest during workout, and postwo if I was doing cardio afterwards.

    As for stummy issues. I found that taken on a relatively empty stomach helped a lot. I work out first thing in the morning, so I take it 1-1.5hours after breakfast, then drive to the gym. That worked fine. Taking it 30min after a meal was not a good idea for me.

    Now, onto the effects. Both products claim to increase strength, stamina and endurance. It is this where I felt most of the synergistic effects of each. I sipped my cocktail throughout the workout, and felt that I could keep working out forever, there was no crash in energy.. though I did get fatigued towards the end of the workouts. However, with the inclusion of cardio (which I have been trying to do more of) post workout, the sessions have started to last about 2 hours, and I have been impressed with the ability to last that long.

    Energy-wise, WF ddid not give a huge surge in energy, as say, a caffeine pill would, but it was steady and adequate for me. I have been trying to reduce my consumption of stims anyway, so 1 scoop was more than enough for me.

    Strength has flown up. Most notably I have managed to add 20+ pounds on squats and presses, dips have improved a lot, and I can see a difference in the mirror - especially in my shoulders and arms. It has aided in a nice recomp effect, and I am looking leaner (I have broken both my cameras and a phone in the past 2 months- so no pictures, really, really sorry, but at least my mp3 player still works!)

    Recovery (between sets) has been good. I have performed supersets, and regular sets, with good recovery. In terms of pumps, I don't get them often or in many places, but most notably in the bis, back and calves is where I noticed them the most. Not a big deal for me.

    Lastly, Value for money. I did not buy it, but I would when these run out, if they ever do! Since I take mostly on workout days (4-5times a week) these tubs will last me forever. In 30 days, I am about about 1/4 of my way through the PW tub, and less than 1/2 way through WF. Having said that, I don't take the full serving because I'm a bit smaller, but even if you did it would still last a looong time.

    Ps. Random Positive! (well maybe not so great for bulking) but White Flood MURDERS APPETITE! (vanadyl sulfate?) - good for me.

    Things to improve upon..

    Recovery was an issue. I had previously had the luxury of consuming >6grams of citrulline malate a day, and doms were pretty much unheard of. I did not add the extra in for this log, but I did notice that recovery was not as great and I would still wake up some mornings with soreness.

    Stummy problems I pretty much worked out how to prevent it, and I've only used as much as I need to (1/2 the recommended serving) but for the bigger fellas perhaps that could be addressed.

    Clumping - I think CL have already addressed the issue with their new tubs of WF, but mine seem to attract a lot of moiosture. I've thrown in a few more dessicant gels but it isn't really helping. Minor issue.

    Overall I enjoyed this product and it has helped make my workouts more enjoyable.

    Questions/comments please ask.

    SPECIAL THANKS TO everyone following, and of course the CL homeboys TANK, PU, CERV, DDAWG!!


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