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Thread: Anabolic Innovation's Whey Protein Isolate Review

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    Default Anabolic Innovation's Whey Protein Isolate Review

    I ordered some cherry & mocha mudslide Whey isolate protein from Anabolic Innovations (CROWLER!). I received my package approx. 2 days after ordering. VERY QUICK!

    I opened it up and I discovered there was a giant 5lb bag of protein in my box, and the label said "UNFLAVORED". I said "Hmm, that's strange, I ordered cherry flavored protein. He must have sent me the wrong one."

    I dug a little deeper and I found 2 small bottles of LIQUID FLAVORING! One was CHERRY, and the other MOCHA MUDSLIDE.

    I was a little hesitant and skepitcal about making this work. Adding a few drops to my shake?

    I had just done some heavy deadlifts so I decided to give it a shot. I mixed the unflavored protein with some cold water and tried it that way. It tasted like water! Not bad I thought.

    Then I added some drops of the MOCHA MUDSLIDE to the protein. I kept adding drops until the flavor was strong enough. WOW. I must say, it was very sweet and delicious. More so than flavored powder usually is.

    I haven't tried the cherry yet, but the LIQUID FLAVORING is a great idea. You can essentially have a bag of protein that has mulitple different flavors. I know on the AI website you can purchase different flavoring from them. Variety is the spice of life.

    What started as a surprise turned out to be a pretty awesome thing.

    AI really puts the Innovation into Anabolic Innovations. Never have I seen a company do protein like they do, but it's a great idea. People can dictate how much flavoring they want in their shake, and they can have multiple flavors to boot with each bag.

    The powder is also a very high quality isolate. It is a fine, fluffy powder that will go down my funnel into a bottle VERY easily. Mixibility is perfect, no clumpage or foam!

    And it tastes really great. Thanks Crowler!
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    Just a hint as well, if you lower the amount of water slightly it takes considerably less 'drops' to get a nice strong flavor. Since he sponsors me I have went through about 7lbs of it already, hehe. Chocolate Mint is my favorite so far.

    Back to the basics!

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