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Thread: Purple Wraath Ver3 log by JD

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    sad news ladies and gents.

    1 - I haven't lifted since the date of the above post (5/8) !

    2 - I've been drinking a bit more than normal (college graduation/post graduation)

    3 - I "inheritied" a ton of free food, which is mostly junk (but free!!!)

    4 - I don't think i'm joining a gym this summer for financial reasons, i need to inquire about the only one in town, but I doubt it will happen (living in center city philadelphia this fall for grad school, everything is rediculously expensive there!)

    5 - my girlfriend won't be getting the internet at her house this summer (unless I con her into buying it or pay for it)

    6 - I feel fat n lazy =x (worst of all)

    luckily, I have some other things worth mentioning.

    1 - I've been getting a pretty good workout the last two or three days moving all my gear and my girlfriends into our new apartment (for what that is worth)

    2 - Once I'm officially moved, I'll have nothing to do but work. which means, alot of spare time to educate myself on things ive always wanted

    3 - once the free food is gone, i'm buying only healthy stuff. and i intend to watch my diet alot closer now that im done w/classes and all and living on my own (kind of)

    4 - I will be running as my main source of exercise til I'm at grad school and the gym is free again. I also may bring my 50lb curl bar and swiss ball to my new apt. pushups and situps will be done alot.. maybe ill find a chinup/pullup bar type situation tooo!!

    5 - Hope to be able to afford multiple protein shakes a day as i begin working in the next week or so

    6 - I'm stoked to break in my new running shoes and hopeful for a lovely summer season upcoming!!!

    7 - living with my girlfriend means alot more sex (which is hard for me to imagine) which is good cardio and great for the soul/spirit

    8 - i duno im just rambling now...

    but yea, in essence, I prolly won't be able to fully finish this log as anticpated .. =(

    if I do not have internet this summer at my house, I will try to post randomly when I have access to the web (may be able to use campus labs, or friends houses occasionaly)

    I'll keep some notes on the rest of the product log and attempt to recreate a final review part at a later date

    sooner coming is a midway review on the first half of this log ..

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    First Reaction When Opening Tub:

    Smells better than ver1, looks more grainy/fine of a powder as well

    Mixability: 10/10:

    Wow. that's all I can say. let it sit 5 mins in a shaker bottle and your pretty much good to go after a few shakes during that period! sometimes you will need to shake the last few drinks if you dont chug it right away to make sure its mixed perfectly at the bottom of the bottle. overall: big improvement from the orginal product!!!

    Taste: 7/10:

    I hate grape flavored stuff, so it sucks drinking it. and i think the flavor kind of makes me want to delay working out til i get it out of my mouth. other than that, its good. no clumps, no weird after tastes or anything, just tastes grape. i thinkt heres a lemonade one coming out? that sounds good to me! i mixed it with bsl go! fruit punch alot too, good taste with that. I'm sure other grape and similiar tasting products added mix weill with it also.

    Energy and Focus: 8/10:

    <3 eaa's rock. add some kind of caffeine and PW is awesome preworkout. I can only imagine the additives if you use white flood (i have never used yet). prolly is redic. anyways, PW is great alone. with caffeine or a stimulant added its even better (why i only gave it the 8)

    Stamina. Endurance and Recovery: 10/10:

    awesome. off the top of my head, i would have to say PW is one of my fav preworkour products for endurance/stamina during the exercise, and it aides in recovery from the get go. when I megadosed it in the past with ver1 i was never sore! def. a solid product for anyone to use

    Side Effects:

    dehydration risk - eaa breath - poopy grape flavor for grape flavor haters =x

    Last Comments:

    awesome product. expect it from controleld labs. I was shocked at the noticable changes since ver1 (last time i could afford PW). as always, controlled labs team is provided the customer with the best product possible at an shockingly low price . 1 tub can last near 3 months if used preworkout

    Overall Rating:

    9/10 cos of the grape flavoring

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    been runnin alot and doing some mini-make shift exercises with a 55pd DB set and W bar I have.. can do shoulders/squats/etc and obviously curls/what the bars meant for

    bout 1/4 or so bottle of the PW left. it's awesome pre-run. i feel the energy blast in right when i start getting into it after I warm up walking-light jogging ..usually drink it like 10mins before i head out or so.

    I miss t he gym alot and def. gonna get real sore come fall w hen im back in school and got a free location.
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    Sounding good

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