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Thread: ALL NEW White Pump is HERE!

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    Default ALL NEW White Pump is HERE!

    The all new White Pump start shipping next week. Here is the product label

    Should be around $29.99 on most websites for the 30 serving size.
    REDuction SHOTS are Now Here!

    Out Now:
    Orange OxiMega (Fish Oil & Greens)
    Purple Psyko
    Gold Feast
    Blue Gene
    Blue Growth
    REDuction AM/PM Shots
    REDuction AM/PM (and PM solo)
    Orange TRIad
    White Flood (5 Flavors)
    Black Hole
    Green MAGnitude (apple or lemonade)
    Green Bulge
    White Blood 2
    Purple Wraath (grape or lemonade)
    Blue Up
    Blue Up (Stim-Free)
    GlycerGrow (Elements line)
    CLAmore (Elements Line)

    Toll Free: (800) 692-4558
    Tank "@"

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    Oh snap!! Shiz just got REAL!!
    Darren Conroy
    Controlled Labs Sponsored Natural Athlete
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

    FREE Controlled Labs SAMPLES

    Free Controlled Labs supps for your labels

    Disclaimer : The above post is my own PERSONAL OPINION and DOES NOT REPRESENT the official position of any company or entity. It DOES NOT constitute medical advice

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    Just bought a bunch more. Loving it so far.

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