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    Default Orange TRIad question

    Out of curiosity - why is the Orange TRIad not recommended for people >50? I've been using it for a while (and it's great, the only multi I've actually *noticed* a difference when using!), and my mom tried it for a while. She noticed a difference in her joints as well (she tends to have problems), but my sister, who's a chiropractor, thought it may be contributing to her swelling in one of her knees (which she hurt trying one of those tough-mudder type things with a group of women from work). She was trying to exclude any supplements to confirm, but in doing so they noticed the label said not for folks >50. I wouldn't *think* it would cause an issue, but there must be a reason for the warning?

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    this is a general warning on all of our products. as long as you are in good shape and have no medical issues, age is not a factor with this product
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