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Thread: End Review BlueUp/SesaGlow combo

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    Thumbs up End Review BlueUp/SesaGlow combo

    30 Days End Review

    WEEK 4 - Day 7 : END REVIEW

    The Blue Up/SesaGlow Combo was given to me by Pt and the CL crew to test. Thanks Guys.
    This Combo looks good for bulking or cutting excess fat.

    Blue Up with Yohimbe : This supplement has produced some good results in the gym and through cardio sessions. It gave me the alertness/focus and aggression required to drive through my workouts even if sometimes i didn't feel on top. When i took this product it started to kick in within 30-40 mins with some good intensity which actually got better throughout the 30 days of supplementation.
    It gave me an awareness of knowing what was happening around me without actually thinking about it.
    As the 30 days went on my strength in the gym got a lot better and felt as though i could push myself more even if it only meant getting another 2-4 reps on what i did before without thinking i'm finished.
    I did start to feel a pump towards the end of the 3rd week but nothing like i got when i was taking GB/WB.
    Rating - 10/10

    SesaGlow : This product seems to get better the more you take it. Within the first week didn't see much of a change but then started to feel tighter/harder overall. By the end of the 2nd week i started noticing that my skin was getting better in condition and really smooth. This has continued to carry on and feels much better than when i started.
    This doesnt necessarily seem to be a fat incinerator but does help to stop fat being put on and helps to distribute fat better troughout the body.
    Rating - 8/10

    Overall this combo works. For some it will work better than others.
    My overall measurements are slightly smaller but actually look bigger with more tone.

    My final pic can be seen on my Avatar.

    I would definately recommend anyone give this combo a go as it does seem to help keep muscle whilst helping to burn and keep fat off especially with me being 37 i think the Blue Up gave me the boost i needed to do what i wanted to do.

    Overall rating of Combo - 9/10

    Thanks again Guys for allowing me to try this combo, i will be using the Blue Up again and the SesaGlow i am going to use when i do a bulk too.

    I will be giving updates on the SesaGlow now once a week until the end of the product.

    Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year.......

    Work Hard Play Hard
    CL Log:

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    great review and great log glad

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    Great work !

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