Here's some basic info about me:

Age: 16
Weight: 159.4 (weighed this morning)
Bodyfat: 18.1% (bf came from scale)

I am currently doing the Rippetoes program and getting decent results. I am currently taking the following supps in the following manner:

White Blood: 60 minutes pre-workout
Green MAGnitude: 60 minutes pre-workout
GlycerGrow: 60 minutes pre-workout
Purple Wraath: starting to drink 10 minutes before and continuing throughout the workout.
Black Hole: Whenever I know I'll be eating a big meal soon.

I won't be lifting tomorrow, but will on Sunday and will update this log after that on how this goes.

PS. If anyone thinks I should rearrange the times in which I take something post and lemme know.