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Thread: Stretchmarks (pics) what to do anyone else got em?

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    Default Stretchmarks (pics) what to do anyone else got em?

    Tried working out with lighter weights and stretchmarks still keep on coming. Anyone else have this problem I can't even wear a wifebeater without people freaking out and asking me about the marks. Sucks.

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    I also have stretch marks, like yours, on my arms. People ask me if I had shoulder surgery sometimes. LOL.

    Basically, stretch marks have been a problem for weight lifters for years, and not only us but pregnant women obviously get stretch marks.

    There's alot of OTC creams and such that supposedly improve the look of them. I don't think anything can actually get RID of stretch marks 100%, but there are things that will lessen the color of them. I see yours are dark; these creams may make them a light pink, as oppose to dark red.

    I've never used the creams and can't comment on, but there's lots of reviews on amazon:

    They are also affordable, and many of them have 5 star reviews from 30+ people.

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    Those are pretty intense! I have some on the inside of my thighs, but nothing like that...
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