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    First of all I'd like to thank Controlled Labs for giving me the opportunity to review and log this product. Second of all, this post will probably be more critical than most other sponsored threads. I like the product, but I feel that reviews are more helpful when every category isn't a 10/10. I will try to give you an idea of the true strengths of this product. Now, on to the review!

    Product Overview:

    Controlled Labs Gold Feast is marketed as a healthy, on-the-go meal replacement. This supplement is well-rounded, combining complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, and even fruit and veggie extracts. This is definitely a great alternative for someone looking for a healthy snack to get through the day who would normally reach for a standard protein shake.

    Nutrient Profile/Clarity: 8/10

    This product has a good nutrient profile as a meal replacement: 23g of carbs, 20g of protein, and 3g of fat. However, I feel that because this product is going to be used more as a meal replacement than simply a post-workout drink, using a protein blend with casein and/or egg to have a more well-round protein digestion timeframe would be beneficial, instead of just using Partially Hydrolyzed Whey.

    I also have questions about the Fruit & Veggie Complex. I wish that the Gold Feast description would tell me a little more about what exactly these extracts are doing for me. Certainly having them in the profile doesn't hurt, as it's only 3,000mg per 2 scoops, but what am I getting out of these extracts? Vitamins, minerals, fiber, sugars? Also, when it says "Apple Juice Powder", "Blueberry Juice", "Beet Juice", etc., does that actually mean that they dehydrated the juice and put the leftover powder in the product? Surely that would be very expensive. I'm sure a rep will chime in with this answer

    Mixability: 8/10

    The instructions on Gold Feast say that to avoid foaming, you should stir with a spoon. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to do. So, I ended up just shaking it and having it foam a bit (like most of the reviewers on this forum). Not a big deal, but the product will foam. This doesn't affect taste very much, but does slightly affect the texture of that top layer.

    Texture: 9/10

    For mixing this product with water, the texture is very nice and creamy. It isn't as thick as a shake with milk would be, but it's definitely thicker than most protein powders when mixed with water. The ground oats help give a nice, satisfying texture to Gold Feast.

    The only two reasons this isn't a 10/10 is because of the foaming mentioned in mixability, and that a lot of the oats sink to the bottom, changing the texture of the last swig of the shake so that it becomes a little too grainy.

    Taste: 9/10

    The taste of this product is definitely unique when compared to most other protein powders. If you've ever tried Watermelon White Flood, it tastes very similar to that. The taste is a little overwhelming in the beginning, but you grow to like it as time goes on. It has a very strong sucralose taste, which can be a turn-off. Overall, tastes pretty good, but definitely has a stronger artificial sweetener taste than most other protein powders.

    Convenience: 10/10

    Convenience is where this product really shines. This is a product that you can take throughout the day and not feel bad about it. You can take this product to work in a shaker, and drink it as needed while getting a great nutrient profile.

    And let's face it, if you really wanted to, you could grind up some oats, throw in some protein powder, oximega greens, and flaxseed oil and have a very similar product to Gold Feast. However, that would take a lot of work (and probably wouldn't taste as good). That's why I say that Gold Feast's greatest strength is its convenience. It's a great prepackaged meal replacement.

    Overall: 9/10

    Controlled Labs Gold Feast is the best pre-made meal replacement on the market today. It tastes great and gives you a healthy alternative to reach for whenever feel like a snack with well-rounded macros. But, as I said before, the main strength of this product is its convenience. You don't have to spend the time concocting your own meal replacement shake. Instead, you just have to put two scoops of Gold Feast in a shaker with some water. Overall, this is a great product for the role it fills as a meal replacement.

    P.S. Stay tuned for my log that I'll be posting soon. I'll add the link to this thread!

    (I've also posted this on, but thought that posting here as well would be helpful as that review will eventually get lost in the shuffle)

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    Great review!!!
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