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    Default Diet tips

    Al time best and most effective diet tips are mention below.....
    1. Stay clued up;
    2. Have clear motivations;
    3. Keep a food diary;
    4. Weight goals;
    5. Set realistic goals;
    6. Work out how to achieve your goals;
    7. Trigger eating;
    8. Be a conscious eater;
    9. Coping with cravings;
    10. Eat regular meals;
    11. Plan ahead;
    12. Beware ‘all or nothing’ thinking’;
    13. Build in some fave foods;
    14. Reward yourself;
    15. Get some support;
    16. Keep it balanced;
    17. Eat without distractions;
    18. Avoid crash diets;
    19. Be active;
    20. Step 10,000;
    21. More good reasons to be active;
    22. Spice up your cooking skills;
    23. Read food labels – carefully;
    24. Fill up on low energy density foods;
    25. Drink plenty;
    26. Practise saying ‘no’;
    27. Keep food out of sight;
    28. Watch portion sizes;
    29. Eat out wisely;
    30. Believe in Yourself

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    thanking for this information .these are best tips to be maintain and loss extra obesity /fat .drink as much water you can . take you food at proper time and eat less than your diet for water

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