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    Default Tough mudder

    So a few months ago I heard the tough mudder (a 10-12 mile endurance event) and decided to sign up for it on a whim. Typically all I've ever done is lifting and weight training, so I have never really ran anything more than three miles. However, I've started a training routine to get myself in shape so if anyone could give me any adjustments or tips that would be great. I have til mid January until the event.

    Day 1
    9-10 mile run
    15 min jump rope

    Day 2
    back squat, 3 x 8
    dead lift 4 x 5
    RDL's 3 x 8
    Front squats 5 x 5
    Box Jumps

    Day 3
    Arm day

    Day 4
    Back (alternate every week with chest day)
    Power cleans 1 x 10; 1 x 8; 1 x 6
    bent over rows 3 x 8
    Pull ups 2 sets til failure
    Inverted rows 3 x 8
    dumbbell shoulder press 3 x 8

    Day 4 (chest)
    Bench 5 x 5
    ultra-wide pushups 2 x 30
    dips 3 x 12
    physio ball dumbbell chest press 3 x 8
    pushups 2 x 25

    Day 5 rest

    day 6
    run 3-5 mi.

    Day 7 rest
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    My friend just did it this past weekend in under 4 hours. Personally, I have no desire to get zapped.

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    That's cool. Right now I'm aiming for sub 2 hours so I get invited to the national event. It's a long shot but I'm busting my ass for it.

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