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Thread: Going to Iraq

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    Default Going to Iraq

    Im deploying in January, I plan on bulking the whole year..I weigh 168 -170lbs right now and want to get to about 190 195. Supplements I have and will be taking are White Flood, Blue Up, Green Bulge, Purple Wrath..I have Fish Oil caps and getting a multi-vitamin soon probably try NOW Adam. Also need to get some Protein powder. Will Whey and Casein be ok or Egg Protein? I dont know about my diet over there but I will eat as good as I can. I plan on working out 2 days on day off 3 days on day off. Just a technique. Are my goals acheivable for a 12month period? Any changes I should do to supps? Any suggestions will help and I appreciate it!

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    hmm considering your meals will be hard get ON casein for sure for longer release and flaxseed oil and bcaa need ur amino'z creatin monohydrate thats it your set

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