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First off I'dl like to think the great folks at Controlled Labs for allowing me to test their product.

Ok, so the RA G2 bottle has been empty for a couple days, I'm just now getting a chance to get back to the forums. I still don't have my after pics, will get that done definitely before weeks end, the first set I took came out really poorly (lighting). Overall I would describe my experience with RA G2 as very positive. I have taken many of the fat burner/stims over the years and RA differs in that the it supplies very muted noticeable affects, no crash things stay pretty much steady state. So this means that if you're looking for a big bump from products that typically have a pronounced stimulant effect this isn't the way to go, however I think RA could be even more effective if stacked with other compounds, like maybe an ECY for your pre-workout boost. I have had caps before that just did not agree with me, happy to report no such issues with RA (empty stomach or with food).

So with the pics in the pipeline I did manage to take some measurements over lunch.

Weight - 216 (-1)

Chest - 45.25 (+0.25)

Rt Arm - 17.75 (Same)

Rt Calf - 17 (Same)

Quad - 29.25 (+0.5)

Waist - 34.25 (Same)

Overall, I'm happy with the subtle changes in my measurements. First off, with the scale weight, I was getting over a cold in which the previous 3-4 days I ate like a bird so my initial weigh-in was aoubt 7lbs lighter than I am normally so to be down and additional 1lb is great in my mind. My waist measurement came out the same, but I feel like there has been a visual change.
Awesome... thanks for the detailed feedback, and final review !!