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    Default Littlefrys Black Hole Review

    Littlefry’s Controlled Labs BlackHole Review:

    Fast Absorption/Fast Acting: I felt Black Hole to be very fast absorbing and fast acting during my log. I usually took in before breakfast or before supper time, and almost immediate it would kick in. I felt like I needed to eat a “horse” after I took it. The feeling of needing to eat lasted around 2-3 hours after I took Black Hole so I would continually have small meals after taking it.

    Eat More Than Ever Before: Eat more the ever before like the line says it does just that. Not only was I eating more then before but I was also mentally enjoying it. Before going on Black Hole I was trying to get in around 3000 calories, then when on Black Hole I was probably getting in somewhere of 4000 calories if not more on some days. As I stated above I was eating like a friggen “horse”.

    Helps Indirectly Add Lean Mass: I felt that Black Hole adding lean mass, as well as not adding to much fat indirectly to those areas where you do not want the fat to build up during bulking such as the stomach. When I started my Black Hole log I weight in at 173 pounds, and after Black Hole I weighted in at 181 pounds. Now that’s a gain of 8 pounds in 30 days, that’s not all fat. So if you think that Black Hole will just pack on the fat your wrong it adds solid gains in weight with the right workout plan.

    Stimulate Metabolism to Reduce Body Fat: My body fat maybe went up 1-1.5% during my Black Hole log. So in that regard I say it would stimulate metabolism to reduce body fat, but I did not check my body fat before and after, nor did I eat super clean during my use of Black Hole.

    Natural Digestive Aids for Increased Calories: I felt like Black Hole really did aid in digestion otherwise I would not be able to take in some many calories back to back throughout the day. I mean you can only eat as much food as your stomach can digest so since your eating more food on Black Hole and it has aids to help digestion it only makes sense that your brain thinks you can eat more therefore, the stomach digestive process has to be increased in some way as well.

    Also Acts as a Natural Pain and Joint Supplement: I felt all around good on Black Hole. I really had not problems with pain or join problems before hand so I cannot really say as to or if it acts as a natural pain or joint supplement.

    Conclusion: In conclusion I would say to anyone that is bulking and having a had time adding mass to their frame should defiantly take a stab and Black Hole and see what it can do for them. For me I was overall really impressed with the product , and how my system reacted to it. Being 6ft ectomorph it had always been tough for me to add weight to my frame but with Black Hole I went from 173 to 181 pounds in 30 days with minimal fat gain which in my books is a great gain. So, yes for bulking I do defiantly recommend Black Hole or that at least you give it a try.

    my log if you'd like to view: or for cl.form


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    great feedback, nice detail
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    np anytime, i cant wait till until another cl product come for testing ill be jumpin all over it

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