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Thread: Lifting after a recent back strain?

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    Default Lifting after a recent back strain?

    How's it going everyone?? Well last week I messed up my lower back but luckily its not a messed up disc or anything really severe, but bad enough where its still tight/uncomfortable bending over, picking something up, etc. Actually, the x-rays shows I had a fractured spine (either born w/ it or happened and I never knew), on top of extra curvature in my lower spine that puts pressure on the posterior joints of my spine instead of my discs. Anyways, I started the chiro therapy and starting phys therapy soon too.

    Here's my x-ray to show what I mean:

    However, being pretty stubborn I don't want to give up lifting, especially since I am right in the beginning of a sponsored log and don't want to lose any muscle size/strength. I just want to see what kind of exercises/routines I can do that will still give me results without halting my healing. I figured chest shouldn't be a problem especially if I use proper form and don't arch my lower back, but I figure trying to do back, legs, and even standing bi's exercises could aggravate my back, but are there any exercises where I can still work legs and back that will not use my lower back, and maybe even help my back heal?? I know doing back extensions can help with the muscles around my spine, but I'm wondering if you guys think I can get away with light squats, seated machine rows, leg extensions, seated calf press, etc.

    Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated.. THANKS!!
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    Ouch! I pulled my low back in the beginning of the year and I couldn't even bend over. I had to do several months of pt. I still haven't ventured back to the leg press machine but I've been using the pullup machine for leg press instead. No pressure on my back because I'm standing. The other stuff I had to SLOWLY get back into. It's frustrating but you have to. My back still gets tight but ALOT of stretching really helps it out. Do the exercises you can that don't affect your back too much, lay off the one's that do.

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    front squats > back squats / anything that loads the spine/axial (basically overhead movements)

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