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Thread: Greek Elite's REDuction

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    Default Greek Elite's REDuction

    Been a while on these forums, not too sure how long this section has been up, but figured I would post myREDuction log for all you fello CL users to check out.

    REDuction is definitely an amazing product that works very very well. I have not been using it since that log, but I have kept my diet relatively the same (a little more cheating ). Interestingly, even though my weight has stayed about the same, especially when my diet was spot on, I do not feel as "tight" as I did when I had just finished REDuction. Perhaps those of you with better willpower, and definitely a better cutting exercise program (i did pretty much very little cardio), will not have to worry about that, but I am just saying to show that it was not the diet that was responsible for the fat loss.

    Any questions feel free to ask in here or the thread!!!!
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    Disclaimer : The above post is my own PERSONAL OPINION and DOES NOT REPRESENT the official position of any company or entity. It DOES NOT constitute medical advice. CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility (no hormones produced in the facility / no cross contamination).

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