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04-05-2007, 07:37 PM
what it is holmies, the log name says it all. I'm JD and I will be logging the newest batch (April 07) of Purple Wraath -- ver3.

A little background about myself before we get into specifics.

Name: J$
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6"/6"1'
Weight: Aprx. 225

Experience: In HS I lifted all 4 years for sports (baseball and football) I was the fatass kid than lost alot of weight during summer workouts senior year for football and was ripped and strong. since then I've lifted 4 years in college just to maintain basically. i got fat again off the booze and campus food, than jr/sr years ive been more into bodybuilding nutrition and training. this year (senior year) has been difficult due to im so g'dam busy, i want to party a lil and enjoy my last year, and im broke as can be so the diet isnt that solid (sadly).

Current routine:
M - N/A - busy all day with internship/class/my woman
T - chest/arms
W - legs
Th - Shoulders/back
Fr - catch up on anything I feel needs additional work for that week
sat / sun - recovery

Cardios been non-existant since winter. I need to get back in it, but its freaking getting cold out again. this is my main goal for now til eternity; improve cardio duration/intensity/commitment.

Long term goal -- live healthy, and be ripped. possibly become a trainer/dietician or something similiar in the field, but generally just be big and lean.

short term goal - increase cardio, get bigger, provide a substanial log about the new version of PW for you all

other supplements being used - Centrum multi, Controlled labs green bulge, controlled labs white blood, Scivation NOxidant, Health from the sun fish oil, bsl GO, optimum nutrition whey protein

supplement history: its a big long list, and covers a wide range/variety of supplements. I've never used anabolics nor do I desire too.

Other drugs : I may drink more than I normally due since I graduate in a month. hopefully it will be in moderation. I frequently smoke marihuana, but can avoid the munchies through the employment of an intense psychological training I did to myself.

water intake: I don't know, it's all I drink unless I'm feeling 'frisky' (or turkey hill has 3 for 5$ teas, than i get 3 gallons of diet green tea :D)

will try to post measurements/pictures early next week. need to score a digi camera and measurement tape thing (think i have them all at home not school)

I look forward to logging my experiences for you all. peace up, A town down.

04-05-2007, 07:45 PM
Initial experience: got tub yesterday and opened it to premake my shake for today. I licked my fingers after throwing 1.5 scoops into a shaker and was amazed at the taste of the powder. its def alot smoother and better than the orginal mixture (ver1). the stuff looks smaller and less dense as well, which means it prolly mixes easier.

Today was actually my first day using PW .
as i said above I used about 1.5 scoops. It mixed shockingly easiley, and looked puretty in my true protein shaker. I believe I used too much water ( about 3/4 the shaker) but it still tasted great and was a pleasure to drink during my workout. I felt good energy all workout and it carried with me for along time afterward. The flush you get was also very strong. almost overwhelming. it hit hard when i finished lifting, and persistented for awhile afterward. it was intense, like a full body itch. I def dont remember the orginal version every providing as intense a flush as this experience.

lift summary:

standing overhead shoulder press: 4x10x135
standing static side lat raises - 3x10x15pd DBs

seated lat pulldowns : 3x10x 140/160/155
trapt bar shoulder shrugs: 3x10x225

military cable extensions : 3x10x130/150/150 x 2 different motions focusing on the shoulder

T bar rows: 3x10x215

was limited on time; very busy day. so i did what I was able. I wont be able to lift again til next wends (easter break). but i may put some cardio in while I'm at home, we shall see.

04-11-2007, 03:32 PM
day 2 using the product.

took 5 green bulge bout an hour before lifting & an hour after eating 4ish eggs

drank 2 scoops Purple wrath + 1 scoop bsl GO punch flavored 15minutes prior to lifting up until 5-10minutes in

stomach felt kind of weird pre/during lift. i may of been dehydrated, even tho i drank like 75oz-ish between the green bulge and PW drink.

i was fine by the end of the lift. the tingling wasnt nearly as bad, i felt it for maybe 5-10 mins after lifting. its def better to have that kick in while you workout.
energy has been sustained throughout day.


Bench 15x135, 12x185, 10x205, 10x225, 6x225, 10x185, 15x135

DB hammer curls - 4x10x50pd

pec deck - 3x10x135 -- each time used a variation of hand placement/angle
forearm wrist things - 3x10x10pd a hand (spun them around for like 45secs each time)

underhand reverse cable curls (triceps) - 10x135,155,165,165

DB flies - 10x45,50,50

was a good lift to get back with after easter break. i wore full sweat attire and a beanie, so i was working really hard. it was pretty intense and at times i was like wow this is great.

been feelin pretty swole since, and i think i look big in the shirt i chose to wear today. boo-ya. day3 tomorrow.

04-12-2007, 11:54 AM
ok i forgot to mention I drink 2 scoops of optimum nutrition whey post workout. and take my multivitamin than as well.

todays work

5 green bulge like 90min pre, 2 scoops PW about 15min pre to 10mins in

I was shocked this stuff mixed up so well, i cleaned my bottle out last night before i went to my gfs house for the night and didnt try it perfectly, so some of the powder sat in the wqater and clumped up. i added water about 90 minutes preworkout to the shaker and it sat thro my class, than i drank it on the way to the gym. it was mixed perfectly. which was awsome.

grouped exercises = supersets

sqauts - 10x135,225,225,225,225,135
farmer walks - 4x10x75pd DB each hand about 25feet
one leg sled calf raises - 10each legx275,360,360,275

- i did something here, i know it, but i cant remember at all to save me, and i just lifted like 45minutes ago.. =( PW = no memory enhancement. -

seated leg extensions- 10x120,130,130,130
seated back extensions - 4x10x25pd weight on chest

standing leg curls 10x35,45,45,45
side bridges - 4xroughly 30 seconds each side

step ups - 2x10 each leg, 25pd DB each hand

intense lift. just wore a sweatshirt and beanie with shorts today, no sweat pants. I was rockin out to Nelly - Grand hang out and some alumni football kid thats semi-pro and still works out at school walked by, musta heard it, and said something to me as i did back ext.. i didnt hear em and was focused on lifting so I just kept going. only had aprox. 60mins for the lift leaving 15min to shower and get to a meeting ...good times..


04-13-2007, 12:31 PM
feelin good.

woke up, had 4 eggs and some taco cheese + pepporini slices on oatnut bread . was yummy.

bout 15-25min late took 5 green bulge and made my PW drank. 2 scoops PW + 1.5 scoop bsl GO. this mix really has an awkward taste. but i drin kit anyways. mixed alot more water than needed. prolly like 75oz into the shaker bottle, so it lasted me the drive to the gym, and 3/4 of my workout.


standing str bar overhead presses - 4x10@135
standing DB front raises - 4x10@20pd DB each hand

str bar half cleans (not above head presses cos I did them solo earlier) - 3x10@135
trapt bar deadlifts - 3x10@255

seated smith incline - 5x10@150,225,305,305,305
laying face down DB flies 4x10@15pd DB each hand

stand cable reverse front raise (pull weight from face to waist, no lift DBs from waist to face) - 3x10@135,155,175
seated smith military with palms facing each other - 4x10@155,175 for last 3

was sporting sweat pants+shirt+beanie. with the mix i drank which had the bsl GO (small caffeine amnt) I was freaking going nuts. sweat was everywhere. and after some of the lifts i was like "wow, slow down son" it was awesome. i feel good and think im noticing more muscleness all around.

weather still sucks (freezing out again) so cardio is a struggle.. =(

i hate this, wheres my sunnn!

2 scoops ON whey post workout with a multi vitamin. white blood before sleep again unless I dirnk tonight. depends if i go visit my gfs parents for dinner or not; either way i'll be drinking tonight or tomorrow . im on a yuengling porter kick after i found it has 3 kinds of grains, and is their healthiest beer. and it fucks you up good! haha :D

thats all for now. peace up

o; PS. i was gonan take pics yesterday, but found out I lost my digital camera sometime.. so that blew. if i can get my hands on my gfs ill try to get some over the weekend.

04-15-2007, 10:28 AM
this blows, its supposded to snow today in central PA (like 6-10 inches they say!) and even if that doesnt happen, its rained since like 5pm yesterday..

i hate ugly weather

04-15-2007, 12:24 PM
rained nonstop in columbus yesterday, you must be getting what we had, minus 10 degrees.


04-17-2007, 11:48 AM
yea, the weather is out of control here. all weekend long its been horrible. and ive had serious issues with my gf so my weekend blew. its getting better but im still not feelin right. =(

anyways, i think i lost a good 5 pd over the weekend, i ate about a solid 3 or 4 meals since saturday morning..

crazy lift today. took GB like 15min pre, and drank 2 scoop PW + 2 scoop bsl go within the first 5-10mins of my workout.

intensity was off the walls. had on sweat pants + shirt + beanie, i was soaking wet by the end of the lifts, my shirt was gross. haha

bench - 10x135,205,225,235,205,135

DB curls - 10x35,35,35
pec deck- 10x130,130,130

str bar cable tricep pushdowns - 10x155,175,215 - 8x225, 6x225
good mornings - 10x85,85,85

swiss ball DB flies 10x45,45,45
DB hammer head curls - 10x45,45,45

hanging leg raises - 10,10,10,10 w/ straps
bridges - 1x45 sec reg 3x30 sec, feet on swiss ball arms on a bench

smith crunches - 15x125

im pretty sure i did more than this, but i cant remember it. i also think ilost my favorite hat somewhere this morning, between my 2 classes and the gym..its kinda gross if someone took it, cos it smelled very bad..

im going to work on getting pics , i swear. i havent taken any of myself in a long while so im curious to see how out of shape i am and how much progress i can make during this log.

overall impression thus far; very impressed. this version taste great, mixes well, and provides same reuslts i experienced in the past from PW.

starting the PW, GB, WB has really made me feel dramatic effects and results; hopefully their not placebo or anything.

04-18-2007, 01:01 PM
took 5 green bulge like 15 min after eating 3 eggs, and peanut butter toast
than i drank 2 scoop PW on the way to the gym and during the first 10/15mins of my lift.

after lift I took centrum multi, 2 scivation noxidant, and 2 scopp on whey protein.

about 30min late ate quiznos su b, and ill prolly have that tonight for dinner again.


squats - 10x135,225,225,225,235,225,6x226,10x135
farmer walks - 3x75pd db each hand across long ways of gym (btw last 3 set of squats)

farmer walks - 3x75pd db each hand across long ways of gym (btw first 3 stnding smith calf raises)
standing smith calf raises - 2x3/4 of weight rack - 3xfull weight racck

standing leg raises - 3x15 each legx25pd plate on thigh (btw last 2 standing smith calf raises)

was a quick intense lift. i was sore in the legs due to cardio with my girlfriend last night and this morning. rushed for time due to meetings/collecting research data so i had to squeeze it in early this mornign.

wore shorts + sweat shirt + beanie
overall intensity was good, felt like puking towards the end/15-20mins afterward

04-19-2007, 11:55 AM

great day, i found out I get to meet john legend tomorrow after a cocnert im going too! :D thats exciting

anyways, good lift, amazing lift. shoulder/back, i feel good about it.

ate 3 eggs, PB toast
15min later took 5 GB
drank 2 scoop PW 5min pre til 10min into the workout

afterwards 2 scoops on whey
1 centrum multi
2 scivation noxidant


standing str bar overhead press - 10x125,135,155,165,175,175,185,185,165,125

last 3 sets of that I did str leg deadlifts - 3x10x225

lat pulldowns - 10x155,165,165,165
front plate raises - 10x35,45,45,35

arnold presses - 3x10x45

low cable rows - 3x10x165
dips - 3x12

wor the full sweat attire, was exhausting. got a quiznos sub to eat in a few minutes, which is exciting except for the fact i have to sit in the lab all day and collect research data from kids .. 3rd day in a row doin this lol

04-24-2007, 03:25 PM
amazing lift today. hit the chest and arms. mixed it up from what inormally do. didnt even do flat bench

DB incline flies - 3x10x40
DB decline flies - 3x10x40

DB hamemr head curls - 3x10x40
str bar close grip bench - 3x10x135

cable flies - 3x10x45

pec deck - 3x10x125
wrist spins - 3x10x12pd weight

W bar curls - 6x40pd a side, 3x10x35pd a side

seated overhead W bar tricep ext - 3x10x35pd a side

lasted abotu an hour, intensity was thro the rrrooof. felt great after ward, walked home in the beautiful weather (finally).

04-25-2007, 01:32 PM
leg day

felt like shit. think i didnt cook my eggs fully.

took 5 green bulge about 15min after eating 3 eggs on whole wheat english muffins.
drank 2 scoop PW + 1 scoop BSL go on the way to gym about 10min after the GB.


box squats - 1x10x135 flat, 3x10 (10 rep each leg raised, 20=1 total set)x135, 1x10x135 flat
smith squat rack - 4x10x200
calf raises, heels on a plate, - 4x10x45pd weight at neck level

calf raises on sled - 4x10x4plates a side
bridges - 4xas long as possible, forearms resting on a swiss ball
smith back ext - 4x10x100pd

i think i did more than this, but im not sure. lift lasted 50mins aprox. i felt horrible the whole, like i was gonna puke. was very tiring, but not pleasent. i felt good after when i went and got some food in my belly, but other than that it blew. its never good to feel bad on a leg day. =x

04-26-2007, 04:10 PM
todays workout: shoulders n back

chin ups - 10
standing overhead presses - 10x125, 10x135
chinups - 10
stand overhead presses - 2x10x155
chinups - 8
standinver overhead press - 8x155, 10x135

standing pulls (mid part of power clean, from hips to chest) - 4x10x135
side DB lat raises - 3x10x25pd

deadlifts - 10x155,185, 225,225,225, 185, 135
smith machine ab curls - 3x10x100pd

laying W bar overhead pulls - 3x10x35pd a side

seated DB front raises - 3x10x25pd

again, i feel i did a few more lifts but i dont recall them. was awhile ago i was in the gym. . cant wait til i graduate in 2 weeks. will have alot less to think about and more time to workout n all

on a side note, i took the 3 white blood last night before bed, smoke a lil bit with my girl, and had the craziest sex ever..well she did for sure. haha :D

04-27-2007, 12:18 PM
beautiful lift today. I hit the biceps, chest, than tris, and abs alittle. ended with a mix of each in a superset.

had 2 slices of peanut butter toast than walked to the gym (15mins or so) took 5 GB and chugged 2 scoop PW and lifted.


front DB raises -- 3x10x20 (heard this weakens the shoulder, putting more emphasis on the bicep area if done before curls)
DB hammer curls - 10x50, 8x50+5x40, 10x40
DB normal curls - 3x10x35

DB bench - 3x10x75
DB swiss ball flies - 3x10x40

cable tricep pushdowns -10x150,175 - 3x10x215
DB wrist curl/spin things - 3x10pd bout 30seconds
side bridges - 3x10x45seconds each side

W bar curls - 3x10x35pd a side
dips - 3x10
side bends - 3x10 each side x45pd plate

again i feel like there was more. .. my memory sucks, i need that yellow N haha.

sorry if i post that alot (about me forgetting my full workout).. i used to write it all down but than i stoped after awhile, and in all honesty i think its great if people can do that, but for me personally i feel like I lose intensity when i write it down. gotta take that time to stop in between sets, occasionaly you get lazy and sit down to do it.. i'd rather be walking around the gym between sets, downing some water and focusing for the next task to conquer.
:heavy lifting:

postworkout im still taking 2 scoops ON whey + 1 centrum multi and 2 scivation NOxidant. at night time im taking 3 WB on lifting days (Tues-Friday)

im almost out of the green bulge, white blood, and noxidant =( may have more of it all at home but i have no clue when i shall be getting back there :D

05-01-2007, 12:47 PM
shitty lift today. im not even gonna talk about it.

got sick last night from the girlfriend.. felt a lil better this morning, and by noon i was feeling good.. so i figured id try the gym and see if i could put in some work. got there and i was just weak, out of it, and unfocused. poor lifts, poor weights, poor workout all around.

hopefully i can kick this soon. 2 weeks left in campus gym, then i duno where ill be lifting as classes end. may have to pay to join a gym for the summer.

05-02-2007, 09:54 AM
not lifting today. would rather get better than stay in my current state and struggle through a crappy lift.

05-04-2007, 02:11 PM
good lift today.. i threw alot of diff body parts together so i could make u p for the fact i missed alot this week.

incline bench - 10x135,185,185,185,6x185,10x135
incline DB hammer curls - 10x30,40,40,30 (one arm at a time each set)
sled calf raises - 4x10x5plates a side

db bench - 10x80,90,90,100,6x100
calf raises - 5x10x5plates a side

standing W bar curls - 3x10x35pd a side
leaning forward db hammer curls - 3x10x30pd (both arms at once each et)

seated low cable rows - 3x10x135
dips - 3x10

felt good. got a fresh haircut righ tbefore. all i wore was shorts and a short sleeve shirt, but i sweated a ton... think today is the warmest its been all year, and the field houses basement (wher ethe weights are) is horribly vented/aired... theres 1 door in the corner they prop open. lol

supp usage/timing was as normal.

been feelin a great pump in my arms all week, even tho ive been sick (i was coughing up blood/snot for a day or two, it sucked). im healthy now tho :D

05-05-2007, 06:17 AM
Sounds like things are lookin' up :rock:

05-06-2007, 12:58 PM
def. i just found a full sample pack of anabolic innovations protein line and amino acid line. thats exciting. i get to drink some weird flavors sometime soon!

next week liftings gonna be rough.

monday - intenrship all day
tuesday - final at 8am than im good. got a family dinner then im driving to philly after.
wends - interviews @ Temple from 830am til 3pm. then i gotta stop in at my profs house for our last class/dinner party on the way back to school.
thursday - job training all day
friday - job training all day
saturday - graduation!


im excitied for it all tho, and once the weekends over ill be able to start movign my gear into my girlfriends new apt. for the summer , that should be very enjoyable. :sex: haha

05-08-2007, 09:27 AM
got in the gym today.. may be the last time for a little bit.. super busy from now til saturday. and then I duno what will happen once I graduate and all. I'm pretty sure our campus gym has beat hours over the summer, so i'll have to find a place to lift in town. im prolly going to the beach for a few days next week (16-20) to celebrate graduation alone with the womans relaxing by the water...

anytways it was an okay lift.. it was hard to focus knowing it was prolly the last time ill lift in the gym i have been for 4 years! i cleaned my locker out afterward and was sad to walk out =(

i think graduation is finally hitting me.. took my last final today..wont be on campus again til i get the fake piece of paper and a random handshake after sitting around for 3+ hours in an ugly robe with a weird hat.

anyways workout:

bench - 10x135,185,205,215,8x215,10x185,135
DB hammers - 3x10x30
cable chord tricep pushdowns - 3x10x150
cable str bar tricep pushdowns - 3x10x175
cable high flies - 3x10x45pd
pec deck -3x10x135pd
W bar curls - 3x10x35pd a side

the split up was real weird.. i did 2 of 1 than 2 of the next lift and came back to to the final set of the previous lift than did 2 of the next lift and came back to do the final set of the previous unfinished lift... if that makes any sense congratulations!


driving to philly tonight to crash at a buddies house, than interviews @ Temple for grad assistantships all day tomorrow..whoopie!

illupdate a midway type review during my lil break from the gym when i have spare time.

05-22-2007, 05:48 PM
sad news ladies and gents.

1 - I haven't lifted since the date of the above post (5/8) !

2 - I've been drinking a bit more than normal (college graduation/post graduation)

3 - I "inheritied" a ton of free food, which is mostly junk (but free!!!)

4 - I don't think i'm joining a gym this summer for financial reasons, i need to inquire about the only one in town, but I doubt it will happen (living in center city philadelphia this fall for grad school, everything is rediculously expensive there!)

5 - my girlfriend won't be getting the internet at her house this summer (unless I con her into buying it or pay for it)

6 - I feel fat n lazy =x (worst of all)

luckily, I have some other things worth mentioning.

1 - I've been getting a pretty good workout the last two or three days moving all my gear and my girlfriends into our new apartment (for what that is worth)

2 - Once I'm officially moved, I'll have nothing to do but work. which means, alot of spare time to educate myself on things ive always wanted

3 - once the free food is gone, i'm buying only healthy stuff. and i intend to watch my diet alot closer now that im done w/classes and all and living on my own (kind of)

4 - I will be running as my main source of exercise til I'm at grad school and the gym is free again. I also may bring my 50lb curl bar and swiss ball to my new apt. pushups and situps will be done alot.. maybe ill find a chinup/pullup bar type situation tooo!!

5 - Hope to be able to afford multiple protein shakes a day as i begin working in the next week or so

6 - I'm stoked to break in my new running shoes and hopeful for a lovely summer season upcoming!!!

7 - living with my girlfriend means alot more sex (which is hard for me to imagine) which is good cardio and great for the soul/spirit

8 - i duno im just rambling now...

but yea, in essence, I prolly won't be able to fully finish this log as anticpated .. =(

if I do not have internet this summer at my house, I will try to post randomly when I have access to the web (may be able to use campus labs, or friends houses occasionaly)

I'll keep some notes on the rest of the product log and attempt to recreate a final review part at a later date

sooner coming is a midway review on the first half of this log ..

05-26-2007, 12:01 PM
First Reaction When Opening Tub:

Smells better than ver1, looks more grainy/fine of a powder as well

Mixability: 10/10:

Wow. that's all I can say. let it sit 5 mins in a shaker bottle and your pretty much good to go after a few shakes during that period! sometimes you will need to shake the last few drinks if you dont chug it right away to make sure its mixed perfectly at the bottom of the bottle. overall: big improvement from the orginal product!!!

Taste: 7/10:

I hate grape flavored stuff, so it sucks drinking it. and i think the flavor kind of makes me want to delay working out til i get it out of my mouth. other than that, its good. no clumps, no weird after tastes or anything, just tastes grape. i thinkt heres a lemonade one coming out? that sounds good to me! i mixed it with bsl go! fruit punch alot too, good taste with that. I'm sure other grape and similiar tasting products added mix weill with it also.

Energy and Focus: 8/10:

<3 eaa's rock. add some kind of caffeine and PW is awesome preworkout. I can only imagine the additives if you use white flood (i have never used yet). prolly is redic. anyways, PW is great alone. with caffeine or a stimulant added its even better (why i only gave it the 8)

Stamina. Endurance and Recovery: 10/10:

awesome. off the top of my head, i would have to say PW is one of my fav preworkour products for endurance/stamina during the exercise, and it aides in recovery from the get go. when I megadosed it in the past with ver1 i was never sore! def. a solid product for anyone to use

Side Effects:

dehydration risk - eaa breath - poopy grape flavor for grape flavor haters =x

Last Comments:

awesome product. expect it from controleld labs. I was shocked at the noticable changes since ver1 (last time i could afford PW). as always, controlled labs team is provided the customer with the best product possible at an shockingly low price . 1 tub can last near 3 months if used preworkout

Overall Rating:

9/10 cos of the grape flavoring

06-11-2007, 04:13 PM
been runnin alot and doing some mini-make shift exercises with a 55pd DB set and W bar I have.. can do shoulders/squats/etc and obviously curls/what the bars meant for

bout 1/4 or so bottle of the PW left. it's awesome pre-run. i feel the energy blast in right when i start getting into it after I warm up walking-light jogging ..usually drink it like 10mins before i head out or so.


I miss t he gym alot and def. gonna get real sore come fall w hen im back in school and got a free location.

06-17-2007, 04:07 AM
Sounding good :sports: