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  1. My Green Bulge/White Blood/Glycergrow log
  2. My GB+WB+Anagen review
  3. LancerV's CL get jacked log
  4. I'm The MVP. Come Ride Wit Me...Let's GET BIG!
  5. Josh's GB/RA Log
  6. warriors GB/WB review
  7. RCP's crazy stack log
  8. JD's cut and keep the mass log
  9. ***Purple Wraath/Glycergrow/Anagen/Fenotest/AMPed Log***
  10. yet another PW/GB/GG stack plus a few other little things..*LOG*
  11. whiteblood and GB blow me up
  12. DDawgs Double Up Power Log
  13. wrath of the purple people eater
  14. My GG/GB/WB Review
  15. dee213's Crazy Bulk to 220lb+ log (GB/GG/PW/WB/CEE/GABA/GLUT/TRIB)
  16. unbelievable! PPAT´s review on his stack
  18. pt's Controlled Recomp (Anabolic Diet + the entire "Controlled Labs Arsenal")
  19. B's Summer CL-ean BULK (G-MAG/PW/GG)
  20. Alerux's Log
  21. Jingzhe's Log
  22. The Controlled Stack™
  23. **Fatkid's Back to Basics Lean BULK [GG,WB,GB,SG,BU,PW] **
  24. TEAM TORTURE - The Endomorph Saga
  25. Jdub's Random Supplement Log While getting CUT!
  26. Hardestgainer-Beating Genetics
  27. Spirit3530 Armour of Halo Journal
  28. First time user: GB/WB Stack
  29. scott_jr's journal
  30. Review and Sum-up of my summer workout plan
  31. Jingzhe's No-Masturbation CL-stack Log
  32. SeP's Green MAG/White Blood/Xtend Log
  33. Big Body Z LOG
  34. Malky's Log
  35. My log/review a work in progress
  36. Kyle Hannah's Contest Preparation Mr. Natural Minnesota: Sponsored by CONTROLLED LABS
  37. GM+GG+WB+BU Stack Log
  38. Lbarber4's redemption log! Green Mag, HVBO...
  39. Any1 have a blackhole reviewlog?
  40. Sacrifice's CL Product Review RA1 / GB / WB / PW / BU / GG
  41. Steves CL)(log
  42. JOakman's Cut Log BU/GB/RA2
  43. Fire110's Ultimate State of Mind & Body nEuphoria Log
  44. Guess what I got in the mail today...
  45. Da Main Man's Intimidation Tactics Log
  46. TmmyGnz "BAM" tester log!!!!
  47. WB and GM Log............
  48. PW & GM log
  49. RENEGADE'S "Rippetoe vs Controlled Labs" LOG
  50. Back in the saddle
  51. PW/GM/GG Ultimate Gain Stack
  52. Burgs Race Against Genetics
  53. SCT's Triathlon Training, Sponsored by Controlled Labs
  54. Black Hole - Really Works !
  55. Nathan1's White FLOOD log
  56. LINK: Steve800's first Controlled Labs Stack
  57. LINK: tabar's White FLOOD log
  59. ncangey's White FLOOD Log
  60. Brad Cowins White Flood Log
  61. Front Page News - Controlled Labs Floods 19 Y/O Canadian Male...
  62. White Flood - The StoneColdTruth
  63. LINK: HOFFMAN's White FLOOD log
  64. LINK: Sk8er4life's White FLOOD log (+PW+GM+GG)
  65. Knock knock... Who's there? WHITE FLOOD, MOTHERF#^@*R!!!1!
  66. 60 Day PW/GM/GG review
  67. Cboesger's Bulking By Knowing His Colors!
  68. CL Turns Dan Purple & Green: Sponsored Purple Wraath & Unsponsored Green Bulge Log
  69. The Wraath (Version 3) of BJ is upon you! (sponsored PW log)
  70. Malky puts Blue-Up to the Test
  71. My First Impression of GM and PurpleFlood
  72. Terra's Purple Wraath Candy Log (Sponsored) + White Flood
  73. Red Acid Gen.2 & Sesaglow
  74. Comparison: GM vs GB
  75. Rich's Road to the NPC Ohio State and INBF National's: Controlled Labs Sponsored
  76. Blue-Up Original Review
  77. asianbabe and red acid v2
  78. Renegade Reviews White FLOOD
  79. LINKThe WRAATH of Kane
  80. XJAE'S White Flood and Purple Wraath (V3) Review
  81. Cboesger's Final Review Of Controlled Labs Stack(GM,GG,PW[V3],WF)
  82. Cboesger's-The X-Files:Operation Bulk(Phase II){XF/EBol/ActivaTe/GM/PW/WF/OT}
  83. PureMuscle gets stacked on the C.L. Stack
  84. Review Of samples
  85. GREEN BULGE LOG-05pannicky
  86. Time to get Nasty with PW, GB, GG, OT Log
  87. Controlled Labs Product Review
  88. 5-6 Conquers on White Flood v2
  89. CBoesger Goes For The Gold{P-Slin,Powerfull,YG,CL}
  90. GM, PW sample review
  91. Quelly Powerbuilding til 09': Big, Lean & Powerlifting
  92. Saint Mike's Fat Attack.
  93. LINK: Controlled Labs Sponsored Athlete LiGymRatt Unleashed
  94. WB, GB, PW (1 cycle) - Short Review
  95. Rich's Mission: Natural Pro Card 2008
  96. The White Triad of JD
  97. blue up stim free impressions
  98. Springer 08
  99. PW/GM review
  100. Back on the flood...
  101. Orange Triad 7 Day Review
  102. Green Mag, White Flood, Red acid stack
  103. Will be posting Detailed Reviews on 3 products...
  104. Purple Lemonade Log
  105. PW Lemon: Logged
  106. ACole9's Journey to a Better Body (AKA Purple WrAAth Purple Lemonade Log)
  107. Kickin it with PW Lemonade
  108. Yellow Neuphoria Gen 1 Review
  109. 5Six Becomes A Conquistador, Again, With Controlled PurpleE WrAAth Lemonade
  110. New To CL: Bulking w/ PW, GB and GG
  111. LINK: Techno=Elf transformation
  112. Beginning an OT review as a diabetic
  113. Red Acid Appreciation
  114. Major CL Log
  115. LINK: scalato23 logs Purple Lemonade @ BN
  116. LINK: worldgymfreak logs Purple Lemonade @ BN
  117. LINK: Wes154619 logs Purple Lemonade @ BN
  119. 1st Log, first time supplement user.
  120. No more Acid, REDuction sponsored log!
  121. My first log, of the next 6 months in order to qualify for the B.D.F.P.A
  122. First time CL user
  123. Clumped White Flood = nasty
  124. REDuction LOG
  125. purple wraath
  126. Sample Reviews
  127. White Purple and Green
  128. Purple Wraath Lemonade's Taste Review
  129. Rehabing with PW-L, GM , WF and BU
  130. White Flood + GreenMag + Purple Wraath: 2 Week Use Review
  131. samples
  132. Green MAGnitude and Purple Wraath Sample Review
  133. Trying CL Black Hole
  134. REDuction + GreenMAG Log
  135. Completed weight training class on Blue ups and Orange Triad.
  136. green bugle help
  137. Green Mag sample test
  138. GreenMag - Purple Wraath - GlycerGrow log
  139. LINK: Headinahole's PW/GM/WF log
  140. Girl Stack
  141. LINK: GM/WF/GG stack/log
  142. VIDEO REVIEWS: Green Buldge / Purple Wrath Sample Pack
  143. Link To My GFH, PW, WF, and GM Log!!
  144. Restructuring Genetics with BLUE GENE
  145. Green MAGnitude, REDuction, Purple Wraath, and Golden FinisH Sample Reviews
  146. Done with rehab time to build
  147. Rich's New Beginning: WNBF Pro Stage in 2009!
  148. Green MAGnitude sample
  149. Been meaning to post this...
  150. CL-WF-GM-GG-OT-PW Review!
  151. Wf, Pw, Gg, Gm
  152. Yellow nEuphoria review
  153. My Review Stack of CL'S GM & WF!
  154. My workout Suppliment log
  155. first time user of GM
  156. Getting back into it...let's get big again with the help of CL!
  157. My wb+gm+pw log
  158. Just got samples
  159. CL Sample Pack review
  160. 2009
  161. Mar91's Bulk
  162. samples of Green MAGnitude, White Flood, Purple Wraath and REDuction.
  163. Wow!!
  164. White Flood Tablet, Green MAGnitude, Purple Wraath & REDuction
  165. GM, WF, PW: Strongman Log
  166. New training program and supp stack - a review/log!!!
  167. wf/gm/gg/pw/bg completed log and review
  168. My new cutting stack begins tommorow
  169. BG/GM/WB for the first time.
  170. First Log and CL Stack
  171. New to CL. 3 weeks with supps.
  172. MinMaxMuscle's journey to the Metropolitan!
  173. Glycergrow!
  174. Fall/Winter log
  175. orange triad side effect
  176. BG/GGs Added to Stack!!
  177. My white blood review
  178. 1st post and review!
  179. Purple InTrain Review
  180. WF/GM/PW/REDPM Log! First ever CL stack!
  181. ~~~Julie's 2010 CL Log!~~~
  182. Review on the NEW Red/Blue Skullys...
  183. white flood sample
  184. White Flood Sample Review
  185. WF Raz
  186. Back for the first time.
  187. A Change in Direction
  188. Just got new stack
  189. ~~ OxiMega Review ~~
  190. ==2010 Log==
  191. Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Log:D (Sponsored)
  192. Mr. Aestheticz 2010 Po-Card Journey..."BELIEVE AND BECOME"!
  193. Blue Up Review
  194. *** Controlled Labs - krak3n's White Flood Fruit Punch Log (sponsored) ***
  195. ~~~ Julie's Fruit Punch White Flood Review ~~~
  196. CAMPAIGN'S Furious Pete? No...Furious Fruit Punch! "White Flood" Log
  197. Michael Bao's Controlled Labs White Flood Fruit Punch Flavored LOGaPONY
  198. HotRod's White Flood Fruit Punch Log
  199. CAMPAIGN'S Furious Pete? No...Furious Fruit Punch! "White Flood" Log
  200. White Flood.............The tropical Orgasmic Adventure Review.
  201. The Blues
  202. >>Persch's Furious Fruit Punch White Flood Log!!!<<
  203. Since I gave up on my last logging effort...
  204. Rollin thru 2010
  205. WhiteFlood review
  206. Wow Controlledlabs!
  207. ~*~ Julie's Log of CL BLUE GROWTH + Blue Gene & REDuction PM Stack! ~*~
  208. CAMPAIGN Gets Some RnR (Rest & Recovery) With Controlled Labs "Blue GrowtH" Log
  209. white flood,green mag,purple wraath
  210. CM stimulant free stack review
  211. Bacon Boy's Purple Wraath Review and Log!!!!
  212. Recomp/Cut with Controlled Labs! (Glycergrow, Blue Growth, Blue Gene)
  213. Isaac First White Flood Cycle
  214. After 2 months on PW, BG, OT, OX fish oil - pics before & after
  215. Controlled Labs stack/starting fresh
  216. Controlled Labs Blue Up + White Blood + Green Magnitude + Orange Triad.
  217. My controlled labs success story
  218. My Quest to Get below 10% bodyfat
  219. miccelol's trip to bulk land
  220. White flood vers 2.0 watermelon ~~review~~
  221. It's Summer Already?
  222. Big_D's comeback
  223. Noob Review: White Flood and Purple Wraath
  224. samples
  225. How can I sign up to participate in CL logs?
  226. White Flood Grape review.
  227. Gold Feast Log
  228. Ice Cold 8180's Workout Log
  229. 2012 workout log with controlledlabs supps
  230. Blue GrowtH
  231. Gold Feast Watermelon Review
  232. OMNOMNOMing Log with ProNom 23 Vanilla Cupcake Batter
  233. Pronom23 CCB Sample Review!!!
  234. Rich's Final Countdown to the WNBF Pro U.S. Cup