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  1. Need Help
  2. When can I start taking Blue Ups again?
  3. Help with Stack
  4. Green Bulge!
  5. Gyclergrow
  6. Supplements and beer
  7. Controlled Labs Video Contest: Invent a new CL Product Commercial
  8. !!Green Bulge NOW UPDATED!!
  9. Wowzerz !!
  10. 5-HTP and CL Supps..!?
  11. GG and WF
  12. Help with stack
  13. golden gains at gnc.com
  14. Why do you not have to cycle off Green Magnitude??
  15. WF caffeine content?!
  16. I need help with my CL stack Timing
  17. Supps and traveling
  18. CL Mix
  19. White Blood Directions
  20. Shelf Life?
  21. cl products with nootropics?
  22. *** Controlled Labs' Second Scavenger Hunt ***
  23. CL Stack
  25. I am very interested in buying either Green Mag, White Flood, or Purple Wraath
  26. Blue Gene?
  27. 3 Scoops of WF?
  28. Stacking Xenadrine RFA-X and Green Bulge?
  29. I Would Just Like To Thank The People At CL.
  30. Blue Gene & AN Drive & RPM?
  31. Wf - wb
  32. Video I Made For BB.com Contest..Controlled Labs Singing Supplement, "Platinum Lungz"
  33. 50 Cent Jockin Controlled Labs Style?!
  34. Controlled Labs & Keyboard Cat Video. *Bull.Dogz* needs to watch. hahahahaha.
  35. Orange triad question(s)
  36. Green Mag question?
  37. How often should you take Green Magnitude?
  38. When to consume other supps in conjunction to GB?
  39. 45 serving purple wraath lemonade at Vitamin Shoppe
  40. CL Stack Help Please Read!
  41. First CL stack question
  42. stack question
  43. Glycergrow to Canada
  44. Could Orange Triad be keeping me up at night?
  45. My review of Green Magnitude, White Flood, and Purple Wraath
  46. CL and women.....
  47. Glycergrow Problems
  48. Forgot my REDuction PM dose last night...
  49. Bump up to two and a half scoops of White Flood?
  50. White Flood Question
  51. BG Timing..
  52. Controlled Labs is the 1st company to get the bb.com "quality checked seal"
  53. Question regarding first serious stack.
  54. I got my samples in the mail today!
  55. I love you
  56. Cycled off Green Mag.... Results
  57. Green Magnitude Question.
  58. Chest pain and discomfort from REDuction?
  59. Question regarding Beta Alanine and PW.
  60. More promotional items needed/wanted
  61. GM Bad?
  62. Is this ok to stak with BG ?
  63. White Flood.
  64. Blue Up question.
  65. REDuction PM Causing sleep problems?
  66. :) Controlled Labs Gets 12 NOMINATIONS For The BB.com Supplement Awards 2009 :)
  67. Strip me naked and shower me..
  68. something new is coming....
  69. Is Reduction PM worth the money?
  70. Woo, just ordered my first serious stack!
  71. REDuction working.
  72. 10% off CL products until Sunday 5 July
  73. BG/GM/WF Stack and pre-meal timing
  74. !!!Purple Wraath Lemonade 45 Serving at Bodybuilding.com !!!
  75. :eek:
  76. Green Magnitude Q?
  77. Will PW help me maintain or gain muscle while on a cut?
  78. Taking Reduction and Lean eXtreme?
  79. carbs in PW?
  80. Controlled Labs Proudly Introduces our NEWEST PRODUCT! [Picture Inside]
  81. Best timing for White Blood?
  82. Does Blue Gene really need to be cycled?
  83. green mag not working for me
  84. Purple Wrath question
  85. WF stacked with a stimulant fat burner
  86. Ordered my first stack, lemme know what ya think...
  87. stacking GM with black powder
  88. REDuction --- AM vs PM
  89. GM / WF / PW stack - queries
  90. Supplements Vs a Cold
  91. Stim version of Blue Up or non Stim version to stack with BG?
  92. green magnitude and green bulge 25% off?
  93. Green Bulge....New vs. Old!
  94. 25% OFF Green Bulge and Green MAGnitude (40 serv) for a Limited Time!
  95. Question about White Blood
  96. Purple InTrain Presale is UP!
  97. Green Bulge vs Green MAGnitude
  98. My stack is finally here! I LOVE CONTROLLED LABS!
  99. Purple InTrain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Purple InTrain question? CL reprasentative please help?
  101. New Stack Timing Question
  102. how is this stack?
  103. My stack?
  104. Kane...?
  105. Caffeine
  106. Broken Bottle Sale NOW!
  107. Whats better for post workout? GM or GB
  108. Stack questions
  109. Free samples of Green Mag/White Flood for UK?
  110. Purple InTrain Available Here so far.....
  111. purple wraath question
  112. New to CL... Going for my first stack...
  113. Glysergrow
  114. If you were going to give someone their first supplement...
  115. Food Coloring
  116. Controlled Labs Orders
  117. Bummed about InTrain delivery
  118. Link to my IntRain Log
  119. for those of you debating...
  120. How long until other retailers pickup GGS?
  121. contests or promos for Purple InTrain? :D
  122. New GB Formula
  123. Bodybuilding.com and Controlled Labs have teamed up
  124. good stack
  125. Purple Wraath + Nutrex Lipo 6 Black
  126. whats better as a standalone
  127. Purple Intrain Questions!
  128. Gg q
  129. 2 Questions for CL.
  130. WF & PW Dosing ?
  131. Melted Orange Triad
  132. white flood
  133. FREE SAMPLES Controlled Labs White Flood White Pump Purple Wraath Green MAGnitude
  134. Blue Gene + fertility ?
  135. new to CL products
  136. If i take REDuction...
  137. Yohimbine and Glycergrow.
  138. Blue Gene??
  139. Soreness with GlycerGrow
  140. Tips tricks and hints with CL supplements...
  141. Need Help with timing questions for new stack
  142. New to CL...introduction and a couple questions.
  143. yohimbine and white flood
  144. REDuction question
  145. WF/GM Cycling
  146. Does Blue Gene boost testoserone????
  147. Orange Triad and Protein shakes..New to CL
  148. Blue Gene or Blue Up Stim free?
  149. Green Magnitude?
  150. packages from CL
  151. Reduction AM/PM
  152. BG and Grapefruit Juice?
  153. gnc.com amazing deals
  154. Will Controlled Labs come out with a whey protein product?
  155. Flushing toxins out
  156. White flood question - first use
  157. new
  158. REDuction PM and ZMA?
  159. How is my Stack look?
  160. Wraath or Intrain?
  161. WF and it's use with EC stack
  162. New Green Bulge - Please Believe Me!
  163. intrain in solution
  164. Can i take White flood twice a day?
  165. How does my stack look 8 CL products!
  166. How many scoops of White flood can be taken?
  167. Blue Gene under 18?
  168. Optimal consumed cycle of Green MAGnitude
  169. Qustion About REDuction
  170. White Flood - Raspberry?
  171. stack experimentation
  172. Food Question
  173. Basic stack for an intermediate
  174. Golden Gains on bb.com
  175. White Flood Tabs............
  176. New Controlled Labs Tshirt colors/sizes
  177. White Flood Raspberry in stock at the following:
  178. Glycergrow and Ketosis
  179. Doctor's Appointment
  180. Grenn Magnitude and White Flood Timing
  181. Kane in M&F
  182. white flood raspberry on bb.com
  183. going out for a run
  184. White Flood-brown mess?
  185. REDuction and protein
  186. blue gene question???
  187. Muscle Tech's Nano Vapor vs white flood
  188. blue gene and reduction
  189. Questions about my stack...
  190. Golden Gains and Golden Finish is it the same ?
  191. Purple Wrath..Is It Still Good?
  192. Green Mag vs Green Bulge...
  193. Intrain or Wraath
  194. Help with Stack (kinda long, sorry)
  195. Got a White Blood capsule in my Blue Gene container???
  196. CL fat loss stack and possible side effects?
  197. Golden Gains or Weight Gainer
  198. 5-htp and blue gene....
  199. raspberry white flood
  200. ZMA and casein
  201. Can mixing white flood and Reduction Am actually be harmful for your health??
  202. Question on Samples
  203. supplement help
  204. Correct timing in taking supplements...
  205. Any chance of CL ever selling their sample packets?
  206. Golden Gains Bulk Pricing!
  207. Weight loss stack?
  208. Quick Stack Timing question.
  209. Still awake after taking WF
  210. Cheapset Golden Gains?
  211. Cycling CL products
  212. Stacking CL with other companies
  213. Just Took Blue Gene 30 Minutes After I Ate....
  214. Do i still take my protein/carb drink post workout if i take green mag pre workout?
  215. What's The Difference Between White Blood & White Flood??
  216. Need some help
  218. Becoming a CL Rep?
  219. $$Oct 26th (This Monday) Blue Gene $27.99 on WheyCheap.com!$$
  220. NEW Colors and Sizes Controlled Labs Tshirts at BB.com!
  221. Suggestions
  222. Mixing tastes of WF new flavor with GM...
  223. Blue Gene , WF, GG, GM & ............
  224. need some advise with suppliments
  225. I'm thinking of switching to Green Bulge.
  226. PW/PI with Acai and Pomegranate Juice!
  227. white flood advertisement
  228. What's better than getting two big tests out of the way?
  229. ORANGE TRIad Halloween Special!
  230. A few stacking ?'s
  231. Blue Gene Q's... still on the fence here...
  232. Intrain and Golden Gains is now available in the UK!!
  233. Gm/bg
  234. BG & GGs are here!!!
  235. GlycerGrow
  236. how long should a bulk up season go ?
  237. "What the hell is that in your water bottle?"
  238. Need some stack help Newbie here
  239. Is There Any Water Retention From Taking GM And BG??
  240. 50 new testers wanted!!!!
  241. stacking question
  242. New To CL.
  243. Another Hit - White Raspberry Whiteflood!
  244. My GlycerGrow came. Yup
  245. First time using white flood
  246. Cycle + PCT
  247. few questions about GM
  248. Green Bulge ONLY $17.99 WheyCheap.com 11/18/09 (tomorrow/wednesday)!
  249. Time frame
  250. White Flood changing color and the effects seem to have changed