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  1. Haiz - A 60 Day Event - Yellow Gold, GreenMAG, GlycerGrow, PWraath Log
  2. Calming the Beast!: A Yellow nEuphoria log..This film not yet rated
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  5. Neuphoria - JD style
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  7. Get Connected With Outside Backers Mind and muscle connection with Yellow nEuphoria™
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  9. Dinoiii's Bringin' Sexy Back: Yellow nEuphoria (B)log!!!
  10. Yellow nEuphoria review
  11. warriors CL's Yellow nEuphoria Review
  12. JOakman In the Clouds with YN2
  13. LINK: Holy nEuphoria [Gen2] Batman! - featuring fffizzz
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  15. LINK: KSUJOSH6 shows school pride with CL's Yellow nEuphoria Gen2
  16. LINK: ZMN-iQuad- Yellow nEuphoria sponsored log
  17. LINK: JOakman In the Clouds with Yellow nEuphoria Gen 2
  18. LINK: JM41KT's log of Controlled Labs Yellow nEuphoria
  19. LINK: Holy nEuphoria Batman! - Sponsored by Controlled Labs
  20. LINK: Outside Backer goes Round 2 with Yellow nEuphoria G2
  21. JOakman's Final Review of YN2.. Better Late Than Never
  22. Yellow nEuphoria GEN 2